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Most Awarded Achievements List - Sega CD

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Watch the entire intro128
Open the Door.125
Close the Door.125
Blow out your engine.022
You can't pause real life.120
Drive on both sides of the road for a few seconds without getting stuck.119
Obtain your Junker ID and Blaster318
Get stuck on the side of the road.018
Get towed. Game Over.017
Blow out your engine before even starting.017
Meet up with Gibson in the Abandoned Factory316
Squash a bug on your windshield.515
Junker HQ - Fully investigate Gibson's belongings414
Abandoned Factory - Kill all the insectors without missing or taking damage514
Abandoned Factory - Fully investigate the crime scene414
Bug Jamie and learn about her dreams312
Name your driver after the RetroAchievements mascot.012
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the introductory difficulty512
Find out the reason Gibson was killed412
Gain entry into Gibson's home without getting any questions wrong512
Use Jordan to look up Snatcher's creator210
Try the Neo Kobe Pizza outside of Plato's Cavern310
View a Startling Voice Message38
Finish the investigation at Queens Hospital58
Get more information on the group of Konami characters38