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Most Awarded Achievements List - Oric

Show: All consoles, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, NES, PC Engine, Sega CD, 32X, Master System, PlayStation, Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket, Game Gear, GameCube, Atari Jaguar, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 2, Xbox, [Unused], Pokemon Mini, Atari 2600, DOS, Arcade, Virtual Boy, MSX, Commodore 64, ZX81, Oric, SG-1000, VIC-20, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation Portable, Philips CD-i, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Vectrex, PC-8000/8800, PC-9800, PC-FX, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, X68K, WonderSwan, Cassette Vision, Super Cassette Vision, Hubs, Events
TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Go Down 15 Levels [Traps Count as 1][Level 8 or higher]100
Were Creatures and Vampires [dangerous]150
Strongest monster with Insta-Kill Death Gaze [cannot be bribed]100
Very Common Later in Game150
Raise Your Strength to 5000100
Move from the starting point10
Go Down 25 Levels [Traps Count as 1][Level 16 or higher]150
Dangerous Life_Magic Drain50
Defeat Morrigan and Clear The Game250
Some monsters less vulnerable than others [some get healed first]50
Raise Your Strength to 10000150
Most Common, Rats, Giants, Golems, Devils150
Wisps, Wraiths, Wights, Mummies, Ghosts [dangerous]150
Very Early Monsters50
Some monsters less vulnerable than others [some get healed first]150
Have 1000 Gold50
Common, most strong+ monsters, Elementals, Balrog, Fiends, etc.150
Strong [life-magic drainer]50
More Common in Midlevels50
Dare to Avoid Combat50
Have 5000 Gold50
Strongest [normal] melee monster100
Strongest and Extremely Dangerous Undead150
More Common in Midlevels100
Dare to Avoid Combat150