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Most Awarded Achievements List - Atari 2600

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Find and pick up a bridge.2491
Slay the Yellow Dragon, Yorgle.3463
Slay the Green Dragon, Grundle.4428
Swing a vine, collect a treasure and fall into a dungeon10405
Collect Gold Bar10403
Find and pick up a magnet.2395
Complete Adventure on difficulty 1 or higher.10340
Race in the snow.5326
Race during night.5311
Race in the fog.5298
Catch the bat.3284
Reach 500 Points5272
Eat 4 Ghosts In Succession With One Power Pellet10271
Rob 3 Banks while on the same level.5265
Collect Money Bag10263
Beat the first day.5241
Collect Diamond Ring10221
Raise the Venetian blinds.1219
Earn your first extra submarine2218
Close the Venetian blinds.1217
Hit your opponent 3 times without being hit5214
Hold down the start button for a while1210
Hit your opponent 5 times without being hit10210
Reach 1000 Points5207
Raise and lower the blinds 10 times.1200

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