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Most Awarded Achievements List - Pokemon Mini

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Try to use an Infrared Feature.036
Use the Alarm to know when you need to meet your Friends.034
Get a Score of 50 Points or more in Hitmonchan's Boxing.1031
Have a Reaction Time of 0.100 Seconds or less in Pikachu's Rocket Start.1030
Finish Chansey's Dribble in 20 Seconds or less.1029
Start the Stop Watch and stop exactly 10 Seconds.1027
Get a Score of 50 Points or more in Slowking's Judge.1021
Win Pikachu's Rocket Start.1020
Get a Score of 50 Points or more in Bellossom's Dance.1018
Switch the Lights off while your Pokemon sleeps in the Night.214
Have a combo of 30 Hits and get an Extra Life in Snorlax's Lunch Time.1014
Play with your Pokemon by using the PokeToy for a while.113
Hatch the Egg while only holding one direction.313
Get a Score of 100 Yums or more in Snorlax's Lunch Time.1012
Fill the Hunger Bar of your Pokemon to the max state.211
Break every cracked floor in Origin Area 8 without losing. (Start from first room)58
Have 12 Bubbles or more in your House at the same same.28
Perfectly push Torchic's Swing 10 times in a row.38
Make 5 good Pictures in a row with the Camera.38
Complete Floor 2 of Origin Area 10 without pressing right.58
Play all Notes in a row with the Piano without a mistake.26
Complete Floor 3 of Origin Area 3 without touching the rough terrain.56
Perfectly jump on Treecko's Trampoline 10 times in a row.36
Maximize the Strength state of a Pokemon.106
Give your Pokemon Nightmares.26

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