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Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version (Game Boy Advance)

Beat the game without any Power-Up (Exc. Tora  Jobs) (Can equip any NC prog)
Unchanging Armor (20) (100)
Beat the game without any Power-Up (Exc. Tora Jobs) (Can equip any NC prog)

Created by MeCKooLL on: 02 May, 2016 07:35
Last modified: 02 Oct, 2019 12:48

Won by 4 of 44 possible players (9%)

Recent comment(s):
11 Jul 21:46 2019
Going by the description and some help from Discord, you cannot use any Power-Up (of course!) and that includes RegUps and SubMems. I'm not sure if this includes the NaviCust increases as well.
11 Jul 21:49 2019
Here are some jobs that you aren't able to do: My Navi is sick!; Transmission error; I'm broke?!; Looking for condor; and Finding the blue Navi.
14 Jul 21:41 2019
The Elemental Wave (VarSword) is going to be your crutch after you start getting access to 2-4 of them. If you have Prism out in the middle of the enemy's field, you can expect between 640-1000+ damage. It's hold A, B, B, Left, Down, Up.
14 Jul 22:07 2019
For tips on doing, consider holding A with the middle of your thumb. Pressing B twice with the top of your thumb. Finally, tapping Left, Down, and Up. I do *NOT* recommend touching Left, Down, and Up in a fluid motion.
14 Jul 22:43 2019
Also let go of holding A when you're done inputting the command.
14 Jul 22:43 2019
If you're going to be doing this along with other RAs, you want to practice this so you can get it under pressure. It is very useful for KingMan and SandMan. Especially if you manage to get IceStage or GrassStage.
18 Jul 19:30 2019
I did this with no NaviCust space increase, 120 HP (Tora Job), 7 MB RAM (3MB from the Tora Job). I'm not sure if the no NaviCust space increase is required.
18 Jul 23:18 2019
This RA activates before Lan and Hub talk to Dr. Light after beating Alpha.
18 Jul 23:38 2019
Buying the Modtools are okay for this RA.
19 Jul 0:46 2019
Here are the locations for VarSwords: NumberMan Code Trader (63997824) F, Yoka1 (50 Bugs, need Press NC) C, Beach Sq (5k) D, SciLab Trade 4 Shake1 G gets you B, & the others are from the Chip Traders. I got B from Higsby's shop without stars.
28 Oct 16:01 2019
Does anyone know for sure if this counts HP Memories?


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!29 Sep, 2019 18:51
Hardcore!28 Sep, 2019 00:05
Hardcore!18 Jul, 2019 19:28
Hardcore!04 Mar, 2017 04:27


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