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~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Parallel Worlds (SNES)

Get all 2nd Quest items, hearts, upgrades, etc (see achievement comments)
2nd Quest Master (25) (288)
Get all 2nd Quest items, hearts, upgrades, etc (see achievement comments)

Created by Mutawarrior on: 18 Feb, 2016 18:32
Last modified: 07 Nov, 2019 18:29

Won by 11 of 301 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
19 Feb 2:14 2016
To get the Big Key from Sheik's Hideout which you need to get the crystal, you will have to make 2 difficult bomb jumps on collapsing platforms that are hard but possible to make. See the embedded video above.
19 Feb 2:17 2016
Ruto's Fortress is completable but tricky. Those 4 torches in it can be lit without having & using the Hookshot on the blocks in that one room, but you have to be fast & have the blocks arranged properly:
19 Feb 2:19 2016
If you go to the Big Key part of Ruto's Fortress after getting any keys, DO NOT use any of them in that part of the dungeon. Instead, just collect the Big Key and then Save & Quit.
19 Feb 2:20 2016
Start the dungeon over again and this time proceed to the part with Kholdstare. If you use a key in the part with the Big Key, you'll be unable to get the crystal.
19 Feb 2:21 2016
After defeating Kholdstare in Ruto's Fortress save the key & walk through the upper door and use the key in the next room
19 Feb 2:23 2016
You will also need to get the Heart Container & Mushroom from the optional puzzle in the Light World Parallel Tower climb. It's tough without the Hookshot but possible. Here's a video showing how to do it:
19 Feb 2:26 2016
Notes: 1) You must enter TotT as your name to access the 2nd Quest 2) You don't need to get the 99 bombs & 99 arrows upgrades for this achievement 3) The 3 bottles can be empty or have anything in them (doesn't matter)
19 Feb 2:27 2016
VERY IMPORTANT: do not throw the Green Armor/Tunic in the Ice World wishing well. Doing so in the 2nd Quest will get you the Blue Mail Armor but it will also cause the game file to transform into the 1st Quest. I learned this the hard way in the past
26 Feb 0:45 2016
Thank's for this explication. Espectially for blue Mail Armor.
27 Feb 20:52 2016
The explanation was very useful indeed. Thanks a lot !
27 Feb 21:42 2016
Sheik's Hideout for help you :
28 Feb 2:36 2016
You're welcome guys. For some reason the link for the Twitch highlights changed. I updated the embedded video with same video but on youtube. Also here's the youtube link for the Optional puzzle bomb jumps:
10 Mar 3:58 2016
There is one additional Heart Piece that can be acquired beyond the 18.75 the cheevo currently tracks... no glitches involved either.
25 May 11:23 2016
wow, that's a lot of information one needs to know to get a shot at this.
11 Jul 21:11 2018
See my comment in the forum regarding which 6 heart pieces you can't get in the 2nd quest in v. 1.1 of the game.
6 Nov 0:23 2018
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6 Nov 0:38 2018
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
6 Nov 1:06 2018
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
31 Mar 19:48 2019
I seem to be stuck in Ruto's Fortress after Kholdstare. Door leading up is not open, so I tried going right. It is possible to make it over the first gap, but second one is probably not possible. Is it a bug in 1.23, or am I missing something?
7 Nov 18:29 2019
BenGhazi edited this achievement.


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