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Final Fantasy V Advance (Game Boy Advance)

Beat the game while having every character below level 20
Teenagers of Light (50) (445)
Beat the game while having every character below level 20

Created by SamuraiGoroh on: 23 Dec, 2015 15:57
Last modified: 06 Jan, 2020 19:14

Won by 14 of 395 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
7 Jan 2:48 2016
For hints on how to manage such feat, you can check a FAQ I made for the SNES version long time ago:
7 Jan 2:54 2016
Note that most bosses doesn't give experience, hence why you're able to keep a low level throughout the game. If you want ABP for jobs, there are a few enemies you can safely kill, first one being the normal Galura.
7 Jan 15:27 2016
Also note that you can safely level up inside a battle with mix or song. That one is only temporally and shouldn't affect the achievement in any way.
12 Jan 20:10 2016
Also, remember that there's lots of side-quests you can (and should) skip.
16 Jan 3:48 2016
Made a change to the achievement. Modified it to require a less demanding level (sub 20 instead of originally sub 10).
28 Jul 6:52 2018
This requires that side-quests are skipped otherwise levels will go up?Achievements should be for exploring the game more, not detracting from it. Why would I want to skip anything? Might as well not play the game at all.
28 Jul 13:32 2018
No, you can certainly do all side-quest & manage to get this achievement, but that will require more expertise (so by skipping them you can have an easier time). Besides, this challenge is not meant for first timers
28 Jul 13:34 2018
It's not my first time but it seems to me these sort of artificial limits don't increase enjoyability...
18 Aug 20:04 2018
to do this you need to make practically a speedrun jumping almost everything
3 Jan 23:36 2020
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
6 Jan 19:14 2020
Thoreau edited this achievement.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!15 Apr, 2020 06:00
Hardcore!06 Apr, 2020 03:44
Hardcore!31 Dec, 2019 03:06
Hardcore!16 Jun, 2019 17:23
Hardcore!11 May, 2019 05:29
Hardcore!06 Mar, 2019 15:37
Hardcore!29 Dec, 2018 13:41
Hardcore!04 Nov, 2018 01:19
Hardcore!24 Apr, 2018 19:51
Hardcore!18 Feb, 2017 21:41
Hardcore!27 Aug, 2016 22:26
Hardcore!21 May, 2016 16:04
Hardcore!17 Feb, 2016 19:25
Hardcore!12 Jan, 2016 20:00


Finish the game with the least amount of time
Get the least experience of the sum of all 4 members
Finish the game with the least amount of time