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Castlevania Legends (Game Boy)

Clear Stage 3 fast as you can (Standard)
Speedrun II (25) (741)
Clear Stage 3 fast as you can (Standard)

Unofficial Achievement
Created by MeCKooLL on: 17 Nov, 2014 07:45
Last modified: 17 Nov, 2014 07:46

Won by 1 of 305 possible players (0%)

Recent comment(s):
20 Dec 1:41 2016
What does "as fast as you can" mean? Killed Death with 430 left on the timer, so I'm guessing its not 400
20 Dec 2:14 2016
so its not 450 either, what the hell. The other speedrun one is absurd, but at least it actually has a time on it
8 Jul 6:16 2017
At 8 July 2017 this achievement is impossible. The required time is 550, while a world record is 488.
7 Feb 22:30 2018
At 08 jan 2018 it's proved to be possible by this tencerjeddy guy O.o
22 Feb 5:27 2018
Timer is set to 550 but TAS clear is 501. Where do the other 49 seconds come from?
22 Feb 5:34 2018
Ah, the diversion to collect the dagger costs 44 seconds, but that still leaves a net 5 second improvement on the TAS to earn this achievement.
22 Feb 5:38 2018
Correction, the diversion is 37 seconds. I was looking at real time on the video, not game time. So the net improvement required over the TAS is 12 seconds.
2 Mar 22:36 2018
Obviously the TAS just needs to get gud. Or, you know... maybe the requirements for this achievement need to be adjusted.
3 Mar 23:09 2018
I see tencerjeddy has been placed onto "untracked" and this achievement removed from his profile so I guess enough said on that one. Back to being impossible and needing revision.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!21 Nov, 2016 01:13


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