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~Hack~ Legend of Banjo-Kazooie, The: The Jiggies of Time (Nintendo 64)

Beat Gruntilda and witness the end of the game.
Heroes of Hyrule (25) (45)
Beat Gruntilda and witness the end of the game.

Created by Kaiserlucas on: 06 Sep, 2020 18:52
Last modified: 06 Sep, 2020 18:52

Won by 12 of 40 possible players (30%)

Recent comment(s):
6 Sep 18:52 2020
Kaiserlucas uploaded this achievement.
9 Sep 17:15 2020
"Kaiserlucas" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
4 Oct 1:55 2020
What am i doing wrong? I 100% the game, beat Grunilda and watched the credits. When i watch videos of the ending people are able to collect a triforce which doesn't show up for me and i guess it is the trigger for the achievement.
4 Oct 11:47 2020
Yeah, the Triforce at the end is using the Stop 'N Swop feature. Stop 'N Swop isn't bound to your ingame saves but is instead global for all save files, so the only way to make them respawn is to delete your save in your emulator's directory.
4 Oct 11:48 2020
I assume you played the original game before and collected the ice key in that playthrough. The readme for the hack actually warns you about this iirc. I also made a note in the forum topic here just in case.
4 Oct 11:49 2020
Maybe if you ask nicely you can get this achievement manual unlocked if you missed it. A short video clip showing that you can't re-fight Grunty should probably be enough proof in this case.
4 Oct 17:50 2020
Yes thanks, i did ask in the Discord and they approved


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!18 Oct, 2020 10:35
Hardcore!04 Oct, 2020 17:23
Hardcore!28 Sep, 2020 19:30
Hardcore!23 Sep, 2020 16:03
Hardcore!23 Sep, 2020 07:19
Hardcore!17 Sep, 2020 22:22
16 Sep, 2020 01:28
Hardcore!14 Sep, 2020 18:52
Hardcore!14 Sep, 2020 12:05
Hardcore!13 Sep, 2020 21:40
Hardcore!12 Sep, 2020 11:00
Hardcore!12 Sep, 2020 09:36


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