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tuinj (26328 points) (41678)

Member Since: 06 Apr 2017, 10:25
Last Login: 08 Dec 2017, 11:24
Account Type: [Developer]

Retro Ratio: 1.58
Average Completion: 49.63%
Site Rank: 377 / 48659 users (Top 2%)

Developer Stats:
tuinj's achievements have been won 1815 times by other users, awarding a total of 25995 points.

Last 5 games played:

79% complete
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Gameboy)
Last played 2017-12-08 13:33:58
Earned 11 of 28 achievements, 150/400 points.
Too Frozen
Freeze it at all costs, soldier!
Power up the Revolution
Plasma Thunders
Floating Disk
Mr. Mega Potato
No Longer Sharp
Ice (not) Climber
Flame Thrower
Blazing Blaze
Too Slow
The Second Boomerang
Bubble Lead
Time Trooper
Shiny Flashes
A Lighter Off
Another Flame Weapon
Holy Barrier, Mirror Force
A New Future
Hell Has Frozen Over
A Loaded Gun
He Wants Revenge

154% complete
~Homebrew~ 2048 (NES)
Last played 2017-12-04 21:35:04
Earned 10 of 13 achievements, 190/400 points.
One Thousand and Twenty-Four
2 Plus 2 Is 6?
Five Hundred and Twelve!
Two Hundred and Fifty-Six
One Hundred and Twenty-Eight!

65% complete
Super Star Wars (SNES)
Last played 2017-12-04 11:10:43
Earned 10 of 31 achievements, 58/400 points.
Particle Accelerator
How Does That Even Work?
Aggressive Negotiations
Hutt Intimidation Tool
Raise the Shields!
Use Your Anger
Flow Walking
Crank Up the Dial
Lightsaber Shooting Blaser
Joining the Dark Side
No Lack of Faith
The Droid You\
No Krayt Dragon in Sight
An Elegant Weapon
Over Their Dead Bodies
Scum and Villainy
Let the Wookiee Win
He Certainly Has Courage
A Short Stormtrooper
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Jedi Master
You Call That Easy?
Never Tell Me the Odds

53% complete
Operation C (Gameboy)
Last played 2017-12-03 14:50:12
Earned 5 of 19 achievements, 85/400 points.
Area 2 Clear
True Contra (Area 2)
Contrabrand (Area 1)
Area 1 Clear
True Contra (Area 1)
Contrabrand (Area 2)
Area 3 Clear
True Contra (Area 3)
Contrabrand (Area 3)
Area 4 Clear
True Contra (Area 4)
Contrabrand (Area 4)
Area 5 Clear
True Contra (Area 5)
Contrabrand (Area 5)
Grand Score
The Legend of Bill Rizer
The Only Gun You Need
Tactical Pacifist Action

0% complete
Monster Rancher Explorer (Gameboy Color)
Last played 2017-12-03 14:24:41
Earned 0 of 31 achievements, 0/400 points.
Soul and Stone
Treasure Eye
Clock Freeze
Basement 2
Basement 3
Basement 4
Basement 5
Basement 6
Basement 7
Basement 8
Basement 9
Basement 10

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8 May 9:09 2017
Dude...DUDE...! Congrats on Ninja GAIden...Usually they say GAYden...But you know that already...!

Site Awards

MASTERED Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Pokemon - Blue Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
MASTERED Felix the Cat (Gameboy)
MASTERED Wild Gunman (NES)
MASTERED Ninja Gaiden Shadow / Shadow Warriors / Ninja Ryukenden GB (Gameboy)
MASTERED Pokemon - Yellow Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall Of The Foot Clan (Gameboy)
MASTERED Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)
MASTERED Fist of the North Star (Gameboy)
MASTERED Mickey's Dangerous Chase (Gameboy)
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ CrazyBus (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Battleship™ (Gameboy)
MASTERED Yogi Bear's Gold Rush (Gameboy)
MASTERED Out Of This World (SNES)
MASTERED Spot: The Video Game (U) (Gameboy)
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry (NES)
Completed Banishing Racer (Gameboy)
MASTERED Mortal Kombat (Gameboy)
MASTERED Nettou The King of Fighters '96 (Gameboy)
MASTERED The Flintstones (Gameboy)
MASTERED WWF Betrayal (Gameboy Color)
MASTERED Double Dragon (Gameboy)
MASTERED The Adventures of Star Saver (Gameboy)
MASTERED Astérix (Gameboy)
MASTERED Duck Tales (Gameboy)
MASTERED Daedalian Opus (Gameboy)
MASTERED Pinball - Revenge of the 'Gator (Gameboy)
Awarded for being a hard-working developer and producing achievements that have been earned over 1000 times!
Awarded for producing many valuable achievements, providing over 20000 points to the community!

Completion Progress

Astérix (Gameboy)
38/38 won
Battleship™ (Gameboy)
11/11 won
WWF Betrayal (Gameboy Color)
6/6 won
Nettou The King of Fighters '96 (Gameboy)
32/32 won
Duck Tales (Gameboy)
6/6 won
~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry (NES)
7/7 won
The Flintstones (Gameboy)
7/7 won
Banishing Racer (Gameboy)
7/7 won
Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)
8/8 won
Out Of This World (SNES)
8/8 won
The Adventures of Star Saver (Gameboy)
9/9 won
Fist of the North Star (Gameboy)
10/10 won
Double Dragon (Gameboy)
10/10 won
Yogi Bear's Gold Rush (Gameboy)
11/11 won
Pinball - Revenge of the 'Gator (Gameboy)
6/6 won
Wild Gunman (NES)
12/12 won
Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Mortal Kombat (Gameboy)
31/31 won
Felix the Cat (Gameboy)
27/27 won
Ninja Gaiden Shadow / Shadow Warriors / Ninja Ryukenden GB (Gameboy)
25/25 won
Spot: The Video Game (U) (Gameboy)
12/12 won
Pokemon - Blue Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Pokemon - Yellow Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Daedalian Opus (Gameboy)
21/21 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall Of The Foot Clan (Gameboy)
18/18 won
Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
16/16 won
Mickey's Dangerous Chase (Gameboy)
15/15 won
~Homebrew~ CrazyBus (Mega Drive)
13/13 won
Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge (Gameboy Advance)
40/45 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (Gameboy)
17/20 won
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Mega Drive)
14/17 won
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (NES)
16/20 won
~Homebrew~ 2048 (NES)
10/13 won
Buster Brothers (Gameboy)
17/23 won
Super Smash T.V. (SNES)
16/22 won
Duck Tales (NES)
46/64 won
Harvest Moon (Gameboy Color)
19/27 won
Ghostbusters II (Gameboy)
11/16 won
Marble Madness (NES)
10/15 won
Batman: The Video Game (Gameboy)
19/31 won
~Hack~ Extra Mario Bros. (NES)
18/31 won
Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break (Gameboy)
19/33 won
Mega Man (NES)
24/42 won
~Unlicensed~ Bubble Bath Babes (NES)
9/16 won
Kirby's Pinball Land (Gameboy)
14/27 won
Fighting Masters (Mega Drive)
11/22 won
~Unlicensed~ Plants Vs. Zombies (NES)
4/8 won
Ninja Gaiden (NES)
17/36 won
Pokemon - FireRed Version (Gameboy Advance)
19/42 won
Double Dragon (NES)
12/28 won
Battle City (Gameboy)
11/24 won
Frogger (Gameboy Color)
5/12 won
Kirby's Dream Land (UE) (Gameboy)
7/17 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
25/61 won
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Gameboy)
11/28 won
Looney Tunes (Gameboy)
6/16 won
Super Mario Bros (NES)
26/71 won
Super Star Wars (SNES)
10/31 won
Space Invaders (Gameboy)
6/19 won
Tetris (NES)
9/29 won
Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)
12/39 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
12/43 won
The Goonies II (NES)
10/38 won
Operation C (Gameboy)
5/19 won
The Blues Brothers (Gameboy)
6/23 won
Donkey Kong Land (Gameboy)
12/48 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Gameboy Advance)
17/74 won
Darkwing Duck (Gameboy)
5/25 won
Mario no Super Picross (SNES)
14/77 won
Mortal Kombat II (Gameboy)
6/33 won
Mario's Picross (Gameboy)
16/89 won
Final Fantasy (NES)
4/26 won
Tetris (Gameboy)
2/13 won
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Gameboy Advance)
8/54 won
Bust-A-Move (SNES)
4/27 won
F-Zero (SNES)
2/14 won
Adventures of Lolo (Gameboy)
3/23 won
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)
10/84 won
Mario Pinball Land (Gameboy Advance)
8/68 won
Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel (Gameboy)
5/45 won
Super Castlevania IV (SNES)
4/37 won
Star Fox 64 v1.0 (Nintendo 64)
7/70 won
The King of Fighters '95 (Gameboy)
3/30 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
3/32 won
Drill Dozer (Gameboy Advance)
5/56 won
Smash Ping Pong (NES)
1/12 won
Archon (NES)
3/37 won
Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors (Gameboy Color)
6/84 won
Boxxle (Gameboy)
3/49 won
Mario's Picross 2 (Gameboy)
2/33 won
Yoshi (Gameboy)
1/17 won
Aladdin (Gameboy)
2/34 won
Doom (SNES)
3/52 won
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team (Gameboy Advance)
4/80 won
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)
3/60 won
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (Gameboy Advance)
3/70 won
~Unlicensed~ Pokemon - Yellow (NES)
3/70 won
Super Mario Kart (SNES)
2/47 won
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Four Swords (Gameboy Advance)
2/55 won
Super Mario Advance (Gameboy Advance)
2/57 won
Breath of Fire (SNES)
2/63 won
Ice Climber (NES)
1/34 won
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children - Dark Version (Gameboy Advance)
2/85 won

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