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siniPando (12343 points) (24597)

Member Since: 25 Nov 2015, 16:58
Last Login: 25 Nov 2016, 17:38
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.99
Average Completion: 35.70%
Site Rank: 1022 / 53810 users (Top 3%)

Last 5 games played:

139% complete
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES)
Last played 2016-11-25 21:04:52
Earned 16 of 23 achievements, 260/400 points.
World Champion! (Level 2)
Champion Score!
Master Champion! (Level 2)
High Score!
One more chance!
New Champion! (Level 2)
New Champion!
Mastered Mu! (Level 2)
Mastered Lang! (Level 2)
Extra Fighter!
Mastered Chen! (Level 2)
Mastered Tao! (Level 2)
First Blood!
Mastered Weng! (Level 2)
Welcome to Kumite!
I Love Full Contact!
Master Champion!
World Champion!
Mastered Weng!
Mastered Tao!
Mastered Chen!
Mastered Lang!
Mastered Mu!

45% complete
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (NES)
Last played 2016-11-25 19:36:54
Earned 11 of 49 achievements, 70/400 points.
Sting Ray
Fight for Freedom Where There\
Blizzard MAX
Snake Eyes MAX
Stay Till the Fight\
Capt. Grid Iron MAX
Duke MAX
Shooting Range
The Amazon I
Wing Clipped
Scrap Heap
So Boaring
Rust Bucket
Program Error
Gravity Bomb
Road Kill
Scavenger Hunt
Cobra Blah Blah Blah
Snake Eater
The Arctic I
The Sewers I
The Black Hills I
The Sahara Desert I
The Cobra H.Q. I
The Amazon II
The Arctic II
The Sewers II
The Black Hills II
The Sahara Desert II
The Cobra H.Q. II
The Amazon III
The Arctic III
The Sewers III
The Black Hills III
The Sahara Desert III
The Cobra H.Q. III
Cobra Buzz Boar
Cobra Interrogator
Cobra Pogo
Rock and Roll MAX
General Hawk MAX
Fighting to Save the Day
GI Joe is There
GI Joe Will Dare
Yo Joe!

0% complete
Battletoads (NES)
Last played 2016-11-25 19:33:01
Earned 0 of 21 achievements, 0/400 points.
Wookie Hole
Turbo Tunnel
Arctic Caverns
Surf City
Intruder Excluder
Terra Tubes
Rat Race
Clinger Winger
The Revolution
The Dark Queen
Big Bad Boot
Toadally Perfect
Warpless Toad
Turbo Tunnel Challenge
BT Bashing Ball
Lucky Escape
Full Speed Ahead

129% complete
Mega Man 2 (NES)
Last played 2016-11-25 18:56:09
Earned 54 of 84 achievements, 189/400 points.
Big Fat Phoney
The Long Walk Home
The Hard Walk Home
Wily Machine 2
MM2 Pro Survivalist XIII (Boss Rush)
Boobeam Trap
Trap Master
Wily 4  Mastered
Guts Tank
Guts Dozer Mastered
Taking on the Tank
Picopico-kun Mastered
Besting the Bots
Mecha Dragon
Mecha Dragon Mastered
Taming the Dragon
Leaf Shield
Burning down the Forest
Shattering the Ice
Metal Blade
The dentist of the future
Piston Gap
Caution is everything
Bubble Lead
You can swim with me?!
Popping the Bubble
Atomic Fire
12,000 degrees Celsius
Dousing the Flames
Block Master
How i\
Quick Boomerang
Quick as Usain Bolt
Stopping Time
Faster than Flash
Air Shooter
Like a Feather!
Shielding the Wind
Crash Bomber
Tough Guy
Blowing the Bomber
The Birds
Time Stopper
The controller of the time
Know How to Make an Entrance
No Way Am I Going Down Again
Memory Buffer Overflow
Mega Meow
MM2 Pro Survivalist I (Heat Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist II (Air Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist III (Wood Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist IV (Bubble Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist V (Quick Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VI (Flash Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VII (Metal Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VIII (Crash Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist IX (Mecha Dragon)
MM2 Pro Survivalist X (Picopico-kun)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XI (Guts Tank)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XII (Boobeam Trap)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XIV (Alien)
MM2 Master Survivalist I (Heat Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist II (Air Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist III (Wood Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist IV (Bubble Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist V (Quick Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VI ((Flash Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VII (Metal Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VIII (Crash Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist IX (Mecha Dragon)
MM2 Master Survivalist X (Picopico-kun)
MM2 Master Survivalist XI (Guts Tank)
MM2 Master Survivalist XII (Boobeam Trap)
MM2 Master Survivalist XIII (Boss Rush)
MM2 Master Survivalist XIV (Alien)

79% complete
Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (NES)
Last played 2016-11-25 09:22:12
Earned 26 of 66 achievements, 109/400 points.
Chicken Chicken Z
Red Dragon
Blue Batton
Kaizoku 11
Super Ko\
Kingyo Hime 6
Apostoles of Peace
Nyankiis vs. Dr. Purple
The Nyankiis Soar the Sky!
Yellow Banjo
The Ultimate Weapon Revealed
The Giant Maze at Edo-Dome
Get That Super Energy!
Kotemen-dou Gold Rush
Hissatsu - Neko Me Slash
Princess Pandemonium!
Tori Tengu
The Master Plan!
Omi-chan in Danger!
Hissatsu - Ichi Monji Fire
The Alien Invasion!
Hissatsu - Heart Breaker
Teyandee Special Express
Beaten by a Girl
Kurae! Youtou Masamasa Ken!
Kurae! Koutou Pikapika Ken!
Kurae! Bitou Kirakira Ken!
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! I (Rikinoshin and Nekki)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! II (Nekki and Mietoru)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! III (Mietoru)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! IV (Rikinoshin)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! V (Gotton and Rikinoshin)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! VI (Nekkii)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! VII (Gotton and Mietoru)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! VIII (Gotton)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! IX (Mietoru and Rikinoshin)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! X (All)
Tenka Muteki no Otasuke Ninja! XI (Nekkii and Gotton)
Teyandee! I (The Alien Invasion!)
Teyandee! II (Omi-chan in Danger!)
Teyandee! III (The Master Plan!)
Teyandee! IV (Princess Pandemonium!)
Teyandee! V (Kotemen-dou Gold Rush)
Teyandee! VI (Get That Super Energy!)
Teyandee! VII (The Giant Maze at Edo-Dome)
Teyandee! VIII (The Ultimate Weapon Revealed)
Teyandee! IX (The Nyankiis Soar the Sky!)
KU-YA-SHI I (The Alien Invasion!)
KU-YA-SHI II (Omi-chan in Danger!)
KU-YA-SHI III (The Master Plan!)
KU-YA-SHI IV (Princess Pandemonium!)
KU-YA-SHI V (Kotemen-dou Gold Rush)
KU-YA-SHI VI (Get That Super Energy!)
KU-YA-SHI VII (The Giant Maze at Edo-Dome)
KU-YA-SHI VIII (The Ultimate Weapon Revealed)
KU-YA-SHI IX (The Nyankiis Soar the Sky!)
KU-YA-SHI X (Nyankiis vs. Dr. Purple)
KU-YA-SHI XI (Apostoles of Peace)
Tokugawa Usako\
Inuyama Wanko-no-Kami\

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Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (SNES)
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Journey to Silius (NES)
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Panic Restaurant (NES)
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Kirby's Adventure (NES)
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Darkwing Duck (NES)
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Monster In My Pocket (NES)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project (NES)
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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (NES)
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Rollergames (NES)
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True Lies (Mega Drive)
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Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (Gameboy)
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Dr. Mario (NES)
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Robocop 2 (Gameboy)
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Super Mario Bros. (NES)
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Castlevania (NES)
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Blaster Master (NES)
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Mighty Final Fight (NES)
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Doom (Gameboy Advance)
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Battle City (NES)
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Battletoads and Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
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Metroid (NES)
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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist    (Mega Drive)
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Monster Party (NES)
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Splatterhouse (PC Engine)
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Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive)
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Castlevania - Dracula X (SNES)
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Bomberman (NES)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
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