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Member Since: 04 Apr 2017, 14:47
Last Login: 09 Apr 2017, 08:19
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Retro Ratio: 1.31
Average Completion: 44.88%
Site Rank: 6891 / 61495 users (Top 12%)

Last 5 games played:

12% complete
Mega Man Zero 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2017-04-09 12:56:45
Earned 3 of 51 achievements, 25/400 points.
Falling Crush Fang
Hellbat Schilt
the Devil Reploid
Frill-necked Lizard
White Hare of Inaba
Grim Reaper Scythes
Innocence and Naivety
Jackal God of Death
Hindu Monkey God Hanuman
Absolute Zero Stag King
Hundred Thoughts Poisonous Fox
Super Sphere Ice Dominator
Skilled Eel Lightning God
Rabid Dog Protection
End of the Moon and the Sun
Wild Dance
Explosive Bullet
Rock Breaker
Crawl Shield
Charge MKII
Burning Rain
Circular Shield
Two More
Just Like Old Times
A World Of Possibilities
Ninja of the Cyberspace
Feeding and Upgrading
At Least You\
Before the Resistance Base
Like a Real Kerberos
Without Being Drunk of Cola This Time
More Than a Challenge
The Easy Way
Five Colums, Five Panels
More like a Style Change
The Falcon is Back
Saving the Cargo
Jaws or Sharks
Flying no Jutsu
Pain is Not Temporary
Defeat Your Enemies With Success
Doom Crusher

71% complete
Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Mega Drive)
Last played 2017-04-09 11:09:31
Earned 29 of 82 achievements, 78/400 points.
Thunder Beeeeeaam!
Laser Balls
Snip, Snip, Snip!!
Cutter Balls
Like the Arcades
Three Two One... Kaboom!
Exploding Balls
Flame Balls
Double Lasers
Watching my Back
Rogue Ninja
Full Poweerrrrr!
Rocking Balls
Can you keep up with me!?
I Gotta Be Quick
Ku ku ku, divided in two...
This Is Going to be Easy
I am the Destroyer!
Clash? Crash? or Crush?
Airman ga Taosenai
I Can Still... Fight...
Through a Forest
Spark Time
The Second Time Is Easier
Green Robot
A Bad Dancer
Big Spikes
200 Degrees Below Zero
Frozen Balls
Magnet Sense
Without Rocks
Beating the Arcades
Rock Monster
Without Thunders
A clone!
This is Only the First Time
12,000 Degrees Celsius
The Power of Nature!
Stop in the Name of Love!
Sorry, But It Ends Here
Mini Security Robots
Gattsu Tanku
Bubimu Torappu
Only Shooting
With His Own Weapon
One More Time Down
This Is The Second Time
Ohhh, What a Drag...
Snake Challenge
Poor Neko-chan
Magnetic Puzzle
2 More Than the Usual
Grounder Turtle
Vengeful Villain
Only Appearance
Pinbot Down
I Guess This Is The Last Time...
The Real War Starts Here
Sun Wukong
Sha Wujing
Zhu Bajie
Journey to the West
Two Bars Into Zero
Real Adventurer
The Secret in the Jungle
The Secret in the Water
The Secret in the Rocks
Spits Fireballs
Eek eek! Monkey magic!
That Was fun!
The End of the War

73% complete
A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES)
Last played 2017-04-08 17:58:25
Earned 12 of 33 achievements, 75/400 points.
The Cementery
The Cementery (Insomniac)
Halfway Point
The Junk Yard
The Junk Yard (Insomniac)
The Third House (Insomniac)
Chained Claw
The Third House
Dream Warriors
The Second House
The First House
The First House (Insomniac)
The Abandoned House
The Elm Street High
The Second House (Insomniac)
The Abandoned House (Insomniac)
The Elm Street High (Insomniac)
Gymnastic Training
Taijutsu Discipline
Magical Education
Chained Head
Flying Claw
Giant Bat
Ghost Head
Claw and Head
Elm Street Evening Cross Country
Elm Street Nightmare Cross Country
The Boiler Room Boss Rush
The Dream Master
The Dream Child

6% complete
~Unlicensed~ Action 52 (NES)
Last played 2017-04-08 17:27:13
Earned 3 of 108 achievements, 9/400 points.
15! Sharks Challenge
22. Spread Fire
01. Fire Breather
02. Good reaction
02. Star Evil
03. Jumping in the Darkness
03. Illuminator
04. G-Force
05. Ooze
05. Are you sure you want to do that?
06. Silver Sword
07. Critical Bypass
08. Jupiter Scope
09. Alfredo
10. Operation Full Moon
11. Dam Busters
12. Thrusters
13. Haunted Hill
14. Chill Out
15. Sharks
16. Megalonia
17. French Baker
18. Atmos Quake
19. Meong
20. Space Dreams
21. Streemerz
23. Nice jump, Rosy!
23. Bubblegum Rosy
24. Micro-Mike
25. Underground
26. Rocket Jockey
27. Non Human
28. Cry Baby
29. Slashers
30. Crazy Shuffle
31. Fuzz Power
32. Lights are flashing
32. Shooting Gallery Rev B
33. Lollipops
34. Evil Empire
35. Sombreros
36. Storm over the desert
37. Mash Man
38. They Came
39. Lazer League
40. Billy Bob - Stage 1
40. Billy Bob - Stage 2
40. Billy Bob - Stage 3
40. Billy Bob - Stage 4
40. Billy Bob - Stage 5
40. Billy Bob - Marylou
41. City of Doom
42. Bits and Pieces
43. Beeps and Blips
44. Manchester Beat
45. Boss
46. Dedant
47. Hambos Adventures
48. Time Warp
49. Jigsaw
50. Ninja Assault
51. Robbie Robot
52. Cheetahmen - Aries
52. Cheetahmen - Jumping Salamander
52. Cheetahmen - Hercules
52. Cheetahmen - Charging Rhinoceros
52. Cheetahmen - Apollo
52. Cheetahmen - Red Falcon
52. Cheetahmen - Warp Zone I
52. Cheetahmen - Warp Zone II
03! Illuminator Challenge
04! G-Force Challenge
05! Ooze Challenge
06! Silver Sword Challenge
07! Critical Bypass Challenge
08! Jupiter Scope Challenge
10! Operation Full Moon Challenge
11! Dam Busters Challenge
12! Thrusters Challenge
14! Chill Out Challenge
16! Megalonia Challenge
17! French Baker Challenge
18! Atmos Quake Challenge
19! Meong Challenge
21! Streemerz Challenge
23! Bubblegum Rosy Challenge
24! Micro-Mike Challenge
25! Underground Challenge
26! Rocket Jockey Challenge
27! Non Human Challenge
28! Cry Baby Challenge
29! Slashers Challenge
30! Crazy Shuffle Challenge
33! Lollipops Challenge
34! Evil Empire Challenge (locked)
37! Mash Man Challenge
39! Lazer League Challenge
40! Billy Bob Challenge
41! City of Doom Challenge
42! Bits and Pieces Challenge
43! Beeps and Blips Challenge
44! Manchester Beat Challenge
45! Boss Challenge
46! Dedant Challenge
49! Jigsaw challenge
50! Ninja Assault Challenge
51! Robbie Robot Challenge
52! Climb and climbs

0% complete
Mega Man 2 (NES)
Last played 2017-04-07 17:30:15
Earned 0 of 84 achievements, 0/400 points.
Atomic Fire
Air Shooter
Leaf Shield
Bubble Lead
Quick Boomerang
Time Stopper
Metal Blade
Crash Bomber
Mecha Dragon
Guts Tank
Boobeam Trap
Wily Machine 2
The Long Walk Home
The Hard Walk Home
12,000 degrees Celsius
Like a Feather!
You can swim with me?!
Quick as Usain Bolt
The controller of the time
The dentist of the future
Tough Guy
Mecha Dragon Mastered
Picopico-kun Mastered
Guts Dozer Mastered
Wily 4  Mastered
Dousing the Flames
Shielding the Wind
Burning down the Forest
Popping the Bubble
Stopping Time
Shattering the Ice
Blowing the Bomber
Taming the Dragon
Besting the Bots
Taking on the Tank
Big Fat Phoney
Know How to Make an Entrance
Block Master
Faster than Flash
Caution is everything
Piston Gap
No Way Am I Going Down Again
The Birds
Trap Master
How i\
Memory Buffer Overflow
Mega Meow
MM2 Pro Survivalist I (Heat Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist II (Air Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist III (Wood Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist IV (Bubble Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist V (Quick Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VI (Flash Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VII (Metal Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VIII (Crash Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist IX (Mecha Dragon)
MM2 Pro Survivalist X (Picopico-kun)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XI (Guts Tank)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XII (Boobeam Trap)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XIII (Boss Rush)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XIV (Alien)
MM2 Master Survivalist I (Heat Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist II (Air Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist III (Wood Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist IV (Bubble Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist V (Quick Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VI ((Flash Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VII (Metal Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VIII (Crash Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist IX (Mecha Dragon)
MM2 Master Survivalist X (Picopico-kun)
MM2 Master Survivalist XI (Guts Tank)
MM2 Master Survivalist XII (Boobeam Trap)
MM2 Master Survivalist XIII (Boss Rush)
MM2 Master Survivalist XIV (Alien)

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