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maneirodmais (4972 points) (8203)

Member Since: 14 Jun 2015, 18:32
Last Login: 11 Feb 2018, 13:44
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.65
Average Completion: 19.25%
Site Rank: 2286 / 53365 users (Top 5%)

Last 5 games played:

19% complete
~Hack~ Dragon Ball Z: Team Training (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2018-02-11 13:45:18
Earned 11 of 59 achievements, 55/400 points.
The Power Of A Music Box
The Weakest Of Them All
The Great Wizard
Mr Satan
Majin Fighters
You Again!
Protect The Life I Loved
I Wish For A Boyfriend
I Am The Great Emperor Pilaf
Catch That Fighter Z
What an Amateur
Bean Daddy
Grand Elder
Short Man Syndrome
Perverted Old Man
The Great Pilaf
East Kai
South Kai
West  Kai
North Kai
I Am The Champion
It Never Ends
The Last Stand
I Am The World Champion
I Am The Universal Champion
The Running Joke Ends Now
Pirate Crew
Eradicate All Saiyans
The Legendary Super Saiyan
Who Needs Wishes
Omega Power
Legendary Dogs? No, Legendary Gods!
God Of Destruction
God Of The Angels
Zero Mortal Plan
True Fighting Elite
Killed By A Bug
Special Beam Cannon
Like The Son I Never Had
I Am Protector Of The Innocent
A Weapon Doesn\
I Feel It Slipping
This Is For Gohan!
Trunks, I Never Hugged You As A Baby
Fight You? No. Im Going To Kill You
At Least Make Me Use My Hands
Maybe You\
I Am Not Goku Or Vegeta! I Am Gogeta
For Krillin
Hello? Are You Napping
He Looks Like A Big Hairless House Cat!
Chopstick Attack!
Counter Time Skip
Pests Known As Humans

0% complete
Last played 2018-02-11 02:41:25
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / Four Swords, The (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2018-02-11 02:38:54
Earned 0 of 55 achievements, 0/400 points.
I want to carry more!
Pendant of Courage
Pendant of Power
Pendant of Wisdom
Crystal In the Dark
Crystal In the Swamp
Crystal In the Woods
Crystal In the Statue
Crystal In the Ice
Crystal In the Mire
Crystal In the Rock
True Culprit
The Golden Age
Master of Past Temples
Bested Armos Knights
Bested Lanmolas
Bested Moldrum
Bested Agahnim
Bested Helmasaur King
Bested Arrghus
Bested Mothula
Bested Blind
Bested Kholdstare
Bested Vitreous
Bested Trinexx
Bested Ganon
The Sword of Masters
The Swordsmith\
Golden Wish
Magical Shield
I Have Fire
All Your Bottles Belong to Us
The Toughest Shall Now Tremble
Maple Powder
Book of Prayer
Overpriced Merchandise
The Magic of the Boom
Mirror World
You Can\
Surfing with the Trashmen
Fault Line
Ring of Fire
Cursed Magic
Rupee Hunter
Rupee Collector
Rupee Hoarder
Love the Past, Again

0% complete
(Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2018-02-06 14:05:23
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
Mario Party (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-02-05 01:27:22
Earned 0 of 58 achievements, 0/400 points.
Jungle Adventure
Jungle Adventure S-Rank
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake S-Rank
Tropical Island
Tropical Island S-Rank
Battle Canyon
Battle Canyon S-Rank
Engine Room
Engine Room S-Rank
Rainbow Castle
Rainbow Castle S-Rank
Magma Mountain
Magma Mountain S-Rank
Eternal Star
Eternal Star S-Rank
Coin Superstar
Mini-Game Superstar
Mini-Game Sucker
Superstar Sweep
Mini-Game Island World 1
Mini-Game Island World 2
Mini-Game Island World 3
Mini-Game Island World 4
Mini-Game Island World 5
Mini-Game Island World 6
Mini-Game Island World 7
Mini-Game Island World 8
Mini-Game Island World 9
Balloon Blitz
Slot Car Dash 1
Slot Car Dash 2
Crowned Cutter
Gimme a Lift
Cash Aways
Paddle Pacifist
Bobsled Speedrun
Chomper Stomper
Plus Block
Minus Block
Speed Block
Slow Block
Warp Block
Event Block
Mecha Fly Guy
Talking Parrot
Lucky Box
Casino Box
Magma Map
No Koopa
No Boo
Mini-Game Master
Wait, I Didn\

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Completed Naruto: Ninja Council 2 (Gameboy Advance)

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Naruto: Ninja Council 2 (Gameboy Advance)
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Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (Gameboy Advance)
39/41 won
Mega Man X3 (SNES)
48/61 won
Mega Man Xtreme (Gameboy)
33/46 won
Naruto: Ninja Council (Gameboy Advance)
15/22 won
Mega Man Zero 4 (Gameboy Advance)
36/53 won
~Hack~ Mega Man X3 - Zero Project (SNES)
24/38 won
Metroid: Fusion (Gameboy Advance)
27/43 won
Mega Man X2 (SNES)
31/54 won
Mega Man Zero (Gameboy Advance)
24/42 won
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
33/58 won
Mega Man Zero 3 (Gameboy Advance)
29/51 won
Mega Man Zero 2 (Gameboy Advance)
25/45 won
Metroid: Zero Mission (Gameboy Advance)
25/48 won
Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance (Gameboy Advance)
42/84 won
Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (Gameboy Advance)
30/60 won
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Gameboy Advance)
23/58 won
Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel (Gameboy)
17/45 won
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (Gameboy)
9/26 won
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty''s Revenge (Gameboy Advance)
13/45 won
Felix the Cat (NES)
18/65 won
~Hack~ Pokemon - Light Platinum (Gameboy Advance)
27/100 won
The Adventures of Batman and Robin (SNES)
3/12 won
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti (NES)
5/20 won
Mega Man V (Gameboy)
10/43 won
Castlevania (NES)
9/40 won
Mega Man X (SNES)
12/56 won
Star Fox (SNES)
8/39 won
Animaniacs (SNES)
19/98 won
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
8/42 won
~Hack~ Dragon Ball Z: Team Training (Gameboy Advance)
11/59 won
Alien Hominid (Gameboy Advance)
4/25 won
Demon's Crest (SNES)
6/42 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
6/43 won
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (Gameboy Advance)
8/59 won
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
6/45 won
Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (Gameboy Advance)
2/15 won
The Firemen (SNES)
2/16 won
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (NES)
4/33 won
Super Punch-Out!! (SNES)
3/26 won
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - The Pumpkin King (Gameboy Advance)
8/71 won
Super Mario World (SNES)
7/63 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
7/71 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
6/61 won
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)
5/55 won
Sky Blazer (SNES)
2/22 won
Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (Gameboy)
4/45 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship 2004 (Gameboy Advance)
7/80 won
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SNES)
6/70 won
Wario Land 4 (Gameboy Advance)
3/35 won
The Amazing Spider-Man - Lethal Foes (SNES)
2/26 won
Castlevania - The Adventure (Gameboy)
2/28 won
F-Zero (SNES)
1/14 won
Shaman King: Master of Spirits (Gameboy Advance)
3/43 won
Batman: The Video Game (NES)
3/44 won
Super Metroid (SNES)
3/52 won
Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 (Gameboy Advance)
3/56 won
Sonic Advance (Gameboy Advance)
3/58 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (Gameboy)
2/39 won
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Gameboy Advance)
2/39 won
Top Gear 3000 (SNES)
2/40 won
Captain Commando (SNES)
1/20 won
Golden Sun (Gameboy Advance)
3/61 won
~Hack~ Cartuchito World (SNES)
2/42 won
Top Gear (SNES)
2/46 won
Gargoyle's Quest II (NES)
1/24 won
Mega Man Battle Network (Gameboy Advance)
2/50 won
Star Fox 64 v1.0 (Nintendo 64)
2/52 won
Castlevania Legends (Gameboy)
1/26 won
Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey & Minnie (Gameboy Advance)
1/26 won
Crash Purple - Ripto's Rampage (Gameboy Advance)
2/57 won
Mario Party Advance (Gameboy Advance)
2/63 won
Astro Boy: Omega Factor (Gameboy Advance)
2/66 won
Mother 3 (Gameboy Advance)
3/100 won
Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, The (Gameboy Advance)
2/67 won
ActRaiser (SNES)
1/34 won
~Hack~ Pokemon - Ash Gray (Gameboy Advance)
4/140 won
Bomberman Tournament (Gameboy Advance)
1/37 won
Super Castlevania IV (SNES)
1/37 won
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)
1/38 won
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team (Gameboy Advance)
2/80 won
F-Zero - GP Legend (Gameboy Advance)
1/41 won
GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64)
2/84 won
Yu Yu Hakusho - Ghost Files: Tournament Tactics (Gameboy Advance)
1/45 won
Mega Man Xtreme 2  (Gameboy Color)
1/48 won
Harvest Moon 2 (Gameboy Color)
1/53 won
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES)
1/54 won
Shin Megami Tensei (SNES)
1/69 won
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)
1/73 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Gameboy Advance)
1/74 won
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)
1/84 won
Secret of Mana (SNES)
1/85 won
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children - Dark Version (Gameboy Advance)
1/85 won
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The (Nintendo 64)
1/98 won

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