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Let The Carnage Begin!

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Retro Ratio: 1.65
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Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Ariel: The Little Mermaid (Mega Drive)
Last played 2018-01-22 20:31:01
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
Dungeons (Mega Drive)
Last played 2018-01-22 20:30:15
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

44% complete
Donkey Kong Country 3 (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2018-01-08 14:56:04
Earned 6 of 27 achievements, 65/400 points.
New Ride
Kremwood Forest
Lake Orangatanga Kollector
Kong Karate
Turbo Ski
Kaos Kore
Kremwood Forest Kollector
Cotton Top Cove Kollector
Mekanos Kollector
K3 Kollector
Pacifica Kollector
Razor Ridge Kollector
Kaos Kore Kollector
Krematoa Kollector
Baron K. Roolenstein
Banana Brain
Dexterous Dixie

0% complete
TMNT (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2018-01-08 14:55:34
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
UCG (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2018-01-08 14:51:40
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

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Recent comment(s):
18 Nov 16:54 2015
13 Jan 19:48 2016
Opa, so vi agora seu pedido de amizade, desculpa, esse site nao avisa nada hahaha
1 Feb 2:34 2016
Man, como vc faz pra conseguir as conquists do street alpha 3? cansei de terminar com o Charlie e nao rola
1 Feb 15:50 2016
cara, s me resta um conquista para platinar o jogo. assim que chega no bison eu conseguia tal meta.
15 Dec 14:25 2017
Voltando a platinar as misses.

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MASTERED Top Gear 2 (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Sunset Riders (SNES)
MASTERED Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3 (SNES)
MASTERED Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Pokemon - Blue Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Guerrilla War (NES)
MASTERED Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES)
MASTERED Final Fight Guy (SNES)
MASTERED Final Fight 2 (SNES)
MASTERED Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Saves The Day (Gameboy Color)
MASTERED The King of Fighters EX2 (Gameboy Advance)
Completed Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
Completed Altered Beast (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Turbo Outrun (Mega Drive)
Completed Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Samurai Shodown (SNES)
MASTERED Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Show do Milhao (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Snow Bros. (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED The King of Fighters '95 (Gameboy)
MASTERED Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Nettou The King of Fighters '96 (Gameboy)
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The King of Fighters EX2 (Gameboy Advance)
46/46 won
Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
18/18 won
Samurai Shodown (SNES)
10/10 won
Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES)
10/10 won
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Saves The Day (Gameboy Color)
11/11 won
Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Mega Drive)
14/14 won
Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)
14/14 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul (Gameboy Advance)
40/40 won
Altered Beast (Mega Drive)
15/15 won
Final Fight 2 (SNES)
15/15 won
Sunset Riders (SNES)
19/19 won
Show do Milhao (Mega Drive)
21/21 won
Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Pokemon - Blue Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Turbo Outrun (Mega Drive)
24/24 won
Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
24/24 won
The King of Fighters '95 (Gameboy)
30/30 won
Nettou The King of Fighters '96 (Gameboy)
32/32 won
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (Gameboy Advance)
36/36 won
Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (SNES)
92/94 won
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Gameboy Advance)
38/39 won
Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)
37/39 won
The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood (Gameboy Advance)
26/28 won
Snow Bros. (Mega Drive)
10/11 won
Final Fight 3 (SNES)
19/21 won
Pokemon - Yellow Version (Gameboy)
20/23 won
Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (Gameboy Advance)
35/41 won
Super Bomberman 4 (SNES)
32/38 won
Mega Bomberman (Mega Drive)
24/29 won
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Mega Drive)
9/11 won
Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)
13/16 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
19/24 won
Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance (Gameboy Advance)
66/84 won
Pokemon - Crystal Version (Gameboy Color)
24/31 won
Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (Gameboy Advance)
46/60 won
Side Pocket (Mega Drive)
12/16 won
Splatterhouse 3 (Mega Drive)
13/18 won
Gynoug (Mega Drive)
5/7 won
Comix Zone (Mega Drive)
14/20 won
Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Mega Drive)
16/23 won
Fatal Fury 2 (Mega Drive)
11/16 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (Gameboy)
26/39 won
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Mega Drive)
11/17 won
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)
15/24 won
Sunset Riders (Mega Drive)
10/16 won
Aero Fighters (SNES)
13/22 won
Mighty Final Fight (NES)
28/48 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
15/26 won
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Mega Drive)
15/26 won
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Gameboy Color)
17/30 won
Golden Axe III (Mega Drive)
13/23 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
18/32 won
Biker Mice From Mars (SNES)
22/40 won
Captain Commando (SNES)
11/20 won
Super Bomberman 2 (SNES)
14/26 won
Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
20/38 won
Knights of the Round (SNES)
4/8 won
Vectorman (Mega Drive)
3/6 won
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)
34/73 won
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)
25/55 won
Donkey Kong Country (Gameboy Advance)
13/29 won
Felix the Cat (NES)
29/65 won
SimCity (SNES)
15/34 won
Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
7/16 won
Super Pang (SNES)
12/28 won
Double Dragon (NES)
12/28 won
Columns (Mega Drive)
5/12 won
Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
7/17 won
Bust-A-Move (SNES)
11/27 won
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive)
15/37 won
International Superstar Soccer (SNES)
11/28 won
Alien Storm (Mega Drive)
5/13 won
Rock n' Roll Racing (SNES)
13/35 won
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi (Mega Drive)
7/19 won
Final Fantasy V (J2E) (SNES)
42/119 won
Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive)
8/23 won
Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3 (SNES)
13/38 won
World Heroes (SNES)
4/12 won
Urban Champion (NES)
15/47 won
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Mega Drive)
5/16 won
Tetris (NES)
9/29 won
The King of Dragons (SNES)
17/55 won
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (NES)
6/20 won
Pokemon Trading Card Game (Gameboy)
12/41 won
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (SNES)
9/31 won
Top Gear 2 (SNES)
20/72 won
Earthworm Jim 2 (Mega Drive)
11/40 won
Batman Returns (SNES)
4/15 won
Pac-Man (Namco) (NES)
3/12 won
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Mega Drive)
2/8 won
Revenge of Shinobi, The (Mega Drive)
8/33 won
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (Mega Drive)
7/29 won
Guerrilla War (NES)
10/42 won
Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)
5/22 won
Super Dodge Ball (NES)
5/22 won
Super Bomberman (SNES)
8/36 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
8/36 won
Donkey Kong Country 3 (Gameboy Advance)
6/27 won
Hellfire (Mega Drive)
2/9 won
Super Bomberman 3 (SNES)
7/32 won
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES)
5/23 won
Final Fight (SNES)
9/42 won
Truxton (Mega Drive)
7/33 won
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (SNES)
7/34 won
Bomberman II (NES)
7/35 won
Top Gear 3000 (SNES)
8/40 won
Alien Soldier (Mega Drive)
8/42 won
Flicky (Mega Drive)
4/21 won
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters (Mega Drive)
4/21 won
Tekken Advance (Gameboy Advance)
4/21 won
Mortal Kombat (SNES)
6/33 won
LEGO Star Wars (Gameboy Advance)
8/45 won
Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive)
4/23 won
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES)
4/23 won
Golf (NES)
1/6 won
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)
5/31 won
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Gameboy Advance)
4/25 won
1943: The Battle of Midway (NES)
3/19 won
Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final - Makai Saikyou Retsuden (SNES)
5/32 won
Top Gear 2 (Mega Drive)
9/58 won
Top Gear (SNES)
7/46 won
Arkanoid: Doh It Again (SNES)
9/60 won
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SNES)
10/70 won
Super Mario World (SNES)
9/63 won
Mega Man (NES)
6/42 won
Alien 3 (Mega Drive)
2/14 won
Fantastic Dizzy (Mega Drive)
2/14 won
NHLPA Hockey '93 (Mega Drive)
1/7 won
Whomp 'Em (NES)
1/7 won
Zanac (NES)
1/7 won
Pokemon - Ruby Version (Gameboy Advance)
4/30 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
5/38 won
Space Harrier II (Mega Drive)
4/31 won
Bomberman Max - Blue Champion (Gameboy Color)
5/40 won
Kid Chameleon (Mega Drive)
3/24 won
Zero Tolerance (Mega Drive)
2/16 won
Hello Kitty World (NES)
1/8 won
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive)
6/49 won
Castlevania: Bloodlines (Mega Drive)
5/42 won
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The (Gameboy)
4/34 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005 (Gameboy Advance)
5/43 won
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
9/78 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
8/71 won
Mystic Defender (Mega Drive)
1/9 won
Tetris DX (Gameboy Color)
2/18 won
~Unlicensed~ Street Fighter II (NES)
3/27 won
Bomberman Tournament (Gameboy Advance)
4/37 won
Castlevania - The Adventure (Gameboy)
3/28 won
Final Fight One (Gameboy Advance)
3/28 won
1942 (NES)
2/19 won
Bomberman (NES)
4/40 won
Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)
3/30 won
Ecco The Dolphin (Mega Drive)
4/42 won
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
4/45 won
Earthworm Jim (SNES)
3/36 won
Bubble Bobble - Part 2 (NES)
2/25 won
~Unlicensed~ Street Fighter IV (NES)
5/63 won
Castlevania (NES)
3/40 won
Final Fight Guy (SNES)
2/27 won
Lucky Luke (Gameboy Color)
2/27 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (NES)
4/55 won
Dr. Mario (NES)
5/70 won
Mortal Kombat II (SNES)
3/42 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
3/42 won
Cool Spot (Mega Drive)
1/14 won
Pokemon - Gold Version (Gameboy)
2/29 won
Marble Madness (NES)
1/15 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
2/31 won
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Mega Drive)
2/31 won
Galaga (NES)
1/16 won
Contra: Hard Corps (Mega Drive)
5/85 won
DJ Boy (Mega Drive)
1/17 won
Legend of Zelda: Link''s Awakening DX, The (Gameboy Color)
2/36 won
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, The (Gameboy)
2/37 won
Art of Fighting (Mega Drive)
1/19 won
Yo! Noid (NES)
1/20 won
Battletoads (NES)
1/21 won
Final Fantasy II (U) (1.1) (SNES)
1/21 won
Mega Man Xtreme (Gameboy)
2/46 won
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (SNES)
1/23 won
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX (Gameboy Advance)
1/24 won
Duke Nukem Advance (Gameboy Advance)
1/24 won
Lion King, The (Mega Drive)
1/24 won
Wacky Races (NES)
1/24 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Mega Drive)
1/25 won
Final Fantasy (NES)
1/26 won
Goof Troop (SNES)
1/28 won
Toy Story (SNES)
1/31 won
The Karate Kid (NES)
1/32 won
Mortal Kombat II (Gameboy)
1/33 won
Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones (NES)
1/34 won
The Lion King (SNES)
1/35 won
Choplifter III (SNES)
1/36 won
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
1/36 won
Lamborghini American Challenge (SNES)
2/76 won
Aladdin (SNES)
1/39 won
Grand Theft Auto Advance (Gameboy Advance)
1/41 won
Harvest Moon (SNES)
2/83 won
Yu Yu Hakusho - Ghost Files: Tournament Tactics (Gameboy Advance)
1/45 won
E.V.O. - Search for Eden (SNES)
1/59 won
Duck Tales (NES)
1/64 won
Mario Tennis (Gameboy Color)
1/68 won
Final Fantasy V Advance (Gameboy Advance)
1/71 won
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (Gameboy Advance)
1/72 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Gameboy Advance)
1/74 won
Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Mega Drive)
1/82 won
Mega Man 3 (NES)
1/83 won
Final Fantasy III (SNES)
1/100 won
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Gameboy Advance)
1/135 won

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