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Miniben (4002 points) (11066)

Member Since: 11 Aug 2016, 12:51
Last Login: 20 Jan 2018, 21:10
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Retro Ratio: 2.77
Average Completion: 42.46%
Site Rank: 2704 / 53289 users (Top 6%)

Last 5 games played:

200% complete
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-01-21 01:33:57
Earned 43 of 43 achievements, 400/400 points.
The clock is ticking
Out of shape
Frawless Victory - Final Round
Thanks for playing
The Power of all 120 stars
Full Power
Full Course in the Snowman\
Full Course in the Tiny-Huge Island
Full Course in the Tick Tock Clock
Full Course in the Rainbow
Full Course around the Castle
Full Course in the Tall Mountain
Full Course in the Wet-Dry World
Long walk into the mountain
More than ready for the final match
Half empty or half full?
Full Course in the Dire Docks
Full Course in the Bay
Full Course in the Maze Cave
Metal Head
Full Course Haunted House
Full Course in the Desert Land
Where did it go?
Lobby at the top
Full Course in the Lava Land
Frawless Victory - Round 2
Frawless Victory - Round 1
Ready to rematch Bowser
Full Course in the Cool Mountain
Full Course in the Battlefield
Fly baby fly
Too tired
Full Course in the Fortress
Ready to fight Bowser
Shy Coins
Ah there it is... wait what?
Show me your moves
A new journey

0% complete
Final Fantasy (NES)
Last played 2017-05-26 14:35:41
Earned 0 of 26 achievements, 0/400 points.
A Seemingly Useless Trinket
Pirate Bay
Sleeping Prince
Blood Ruby
Rotten Earth
Molten Fire
Class Upgrade
The Lost City
Floating Fortress
Heroes That Never Were
Holy Power Over the Dead
Meditation Under the Extremes
Fried Kalamari
Classic Hero
Epic Finale
Rage Against The Machine
Of Mighty Magic
Mjolnir Cometh
The True King
Light Within The Chaos
Puzzle Fantasy

186% complete
Mega Man 2 (NES)
Last played 2017-04-22 15:36:17
Earned 78 of 84 achievements, 357/400 points.
Stopping Time
MM2 Pro Survivalist XIV (Alien)
MM2 Master Survivalist XIV (Alien)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XIII (Boss Rush)
Picopico-kun Mastered
Popping the Bubble
MM2 Pro Survivalist IV (Bubble Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist IV (Bubble Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist XII (Boobeam Trap)
Guts Dozer Mastered
MM2 Pro Survivalist XI (Guts Tank)
MM2 Pro Survivalist X (Picopico-kun)
MM2 Master Survivalist X (Picopico-kun)
MM2 Master Survivalist IX (Mecha Dragon)
Mecha Dragon Mastered
MM2 Pro Survivalist IX (Mecha Dragon)
Shielding the Wind
Burning down the Forest
MM2 Pro Survivalist III (Wood Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist III (Wood Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VII (Metal Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist V (Quick Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist V (Quick Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VIII (Crash Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VIII (Crash Man)
Shattering the Ice
MM2 Pro Survivalist VII (Metal Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist I (Heat Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist I (Heat Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist II (Air Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist II (Air Man)
MM2 Pro Survivalist VI (Flash Man)
MM2 Master Survivalist VI ((Flash Man)
How i\
Blowing the Bomber
Big Fat Phoney
The Long Walk Home
The Hard Walk Home
Wily Machine 2
Memory Buffer Overflow
Boobeam Trap
Wily 4  Mastered
Guts Tank
Taking on the Tank
Besting the Bots
Mecha Dragon
Taming the Dragon
Bubble Lead
You can swim with me?!
Leaf Shield
Metal Blade
The dentist of the future
Piston Gap
Caution is everything
Quick Boomerang
Quick as Usain Bolt
Faster than Flash
Crash Bomber
Tough Guy
Know How to Make an Entrance
No Way Am I Going Down Again
Atomic Fire
12,000 degrees Celsius
Dousing the Flames
Block Master
Air Shooter
Like a Feather!
Time Stopper
The controller of the time
The Birds
Trap Master
Mega Meow
MM2 Master Survivalist XI (Guts Tank)
MM2 Master Survivalist XII (Boobeam Trap)
MM2 Master Survivalist XIII (Boss Rush)

82% complete
Mega Man X (SNES)
Last played 2017-04-08 21:02:09
Earned 23 of 56 achievements, 109/400 points.
X-Buster Upgrade
Tanks Four Every Tanks!
Busting the Mammoth
Blow Out the Candle
Flame Mammoth
Launch Octopus
Storm Eagle
Helmet Upgrade
Sting Chameleon
Busting the Armadillo
Armored Armadillo
Spark Mandrill
Body Upgrade
Busting the Boomer
Boomer Kuwanger
Busting the Penguin
Melt the Ice
Chill Penguin
Boots Upgrade
Rangda Bangda
Beat the Game
Is Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!
Did he just... ?
Torpedos Disabled
Defenceless Armadillo
Flame Pig
This Factory is on Fire!
Be Careful to not be Electrocuted!
Deja Blue Bomber
Sending Him to the Farm
Psycho Power!
Busting the Octopus
Busting the Eagle
Busting the Mandrill
Busting the Chameleon
Almost a Perfect Run, but Vile Just Ruined It
Stir the Calamari
Shock the Tank
Hunt the Bird
Lock-On to the Ninja
Freeze the Circuits
Cut the Camouflage
Where is Your Ride Armor Now?
I Don\
Who Needs Water?
Leave the Best For The Last!
Five Mavericks, One Lifebar, Buster Only
MegaMAN Mode
I Need Something Else?
Survival Mode

200% complete
Kuru Kuru Kururin (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2017-02-19 21:07:23
Earned 64 of 64 achievements, 400/400 points.
Bird Catcher
Perfected The Last Land
Complete The Last Land (Normal)
Complete The Last Land (Easy)
Perfected Ghost Castle
Complete Ghost Castle (Normal)
Complete Ghost Castle (Easy)
Helirin Mechanic
Perfected Machine Land
Complete Machine Land (Normal)
Complete Machine Land (Easy)
Perfected Ice Land
Complete Ice Land (Normal)
Complete Ice Land (Easy)
Perfected Star Land
Complete Star Land (Normal)
Complete Star Land (Easy)
Perfected Cloud Land
Complete Cloud Land (Normal)
Complete Cloud Land (Easy)
Helirin Painter
Perfected Cave
Complete Cave (Normal)
Complete Cave (Easy)
Perfected Cake Land
Complete Cake Land (Normal)
Complete Cake Land (Easy)
Perfected Jungle
Complete Jungle (Normal)
Complete Jungle (Easy)
Perfected Ocean
Complete Ocean (Normal)
Complete Ocean (Easy)
Perfected Grasslands
Complete Grasslands (Normal)
Complete Grasslands (Easy)
Perfected Training
Complete Training (Normal)
Complete Training (Easy)
Perfect Challenge Level 11
Complete Challenge Level 11
Complete Challenge Level 10
Perfect Challenge Level 10
Perfect Challenge Level 9
Complete Challenge Level 9
Complete Challenge Level 8
Perfect Challenge Level 8
Complete Challenge Level 7
Perfect Challenge Level 7
Perfect Challenge Level 6
Complete Challenge Level 6
Perfect Challenge Level 5
Complete Challenge Level 5
Perfect Challenge Level 4
Complete Challenge Level 4
Perfect Challenge Level 3
Complete Challenge Level 3
Complete Challenge Level 2
Perfect Challenge Level 2
Perfect Challenge Level 1
Complete Challenge Level 1

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