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Meneboy88 (68871 points) (173218)
Latin Gamer :) Feliz 2018 ! ♥

Member Since: 19 May 2016, 07:35
Last Login: 22 Feb 2018, 06:04
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.52
Average Completion: 77.64%
Site Rank: 82 / 53493 users (Top 1%)

Last 5 games played:

129% complete
~Hack~ Donkey Kong Country 2 - The Lost Levels (SNES)
Last played 2018-02-22 06:04:45
Earned 18 of 28 achievements, 245/400 points.
What... A Ghost?
The Haunted Forest is Dominated by KONGs
Haunted Forest Treasures
Barry Bee Benson
Amusement Park Treasures
The Amusement Park is Dominated by KONGs
The Swamp is Dominated by KONGs
Swamp Treasures
Klubba Recolor
What are you Doing in my Swamp?
Volcano Treasures
The Volcano is Dominated by KONGs
Pirate Treasures
The Pirate Ship is Dominated by KONGs
Not That Easy with Ice Fisics
You Can Spell!
Easy Money
DK! Donkey Kong ISN\
Save DK!...
The Last Battle
K. Rool\
Helicopter Treasures
The Lost World Treasures
Klubba is Rich Now
100% Clear
K. Rool\
Hopless Heaven is Dominated by KONGs
The Lost World is Dominated by KONGs

200% complete
Tom and Jerry (SNES)
Last played 2018-02-21 05:35:36
Earned 33 of 33 achievements, 400/400 points.
More Lives Than A Cat
Legos Cheese
The Fishbone Cheese
Flawless Victory
Sk8 Pro
Speed Gonzales?
The Projectors Cheese
A Rat That Nobody Can Cat
The Mousehole
The Mousehole Cheese
Good Luck Next Time Tom
The Living Room
The Living Room Cheese
The Kitchen
The Kitchen Cheese
Bouncy Balls
Bouncy Balls Cheese
Sneak Rat
Wind-up Toys
Wind-up Toys Cheese
The Fishbone
The Apple Core
The Apple Core Cheese
The Old Shoe
The Old Shoe Cheese
Backstage Pass
Like A Rat
The Projectors
Cheese Bits
The Marquee Perfect
The Marquee

0% complete
Wrong ROM - Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)
Last played 2018-02-16 07:22:54
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

124% complete
Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger (NES)
Last played 2018-02-15 06:28:21
Earned 23 of 37 achievements, 125/400 points.
The Power of the Tiger Ranger Gun
The Pacifist
Perfect Pong
Quiz This
Bandora is out of space
The Legendary Dragon Blade
Grifforzer flies away
Over 45.000
The Legendary Moth Breaker
Totpat vanished in the dark
The Legendary Tricelance
Bukbak took an arrow in the knee
The Legendary Ptera Arrow
Pong This
Pleprechaun used teleport
Sabre Tiger
The Legendary Sabre Daggers
Fighting like a Boi
The Power of the Ptera Ranger Gun
Mei Power
The Power of the Tricera Ranger Gun
Better Dan ever
The Power of the Mammoth Ranger Gun
Oh My Goushi
The Power of the Tyranno Ranger Gun
The Prince Geki
Oops, your only hand
Perfect Kaboom
Perfect Team
How many lives you need?
Rush to Victory

160% complete
Mappy (NES)
Last played 2018-02-14 10:05:23
Earned 28 of 35 achievements, 270/400 points.
Cat pursuit
Perfect Bonus III
For whom the bell tolls
Perfect Bonus II
Cat and Mouse I
Tide wave
Now you\
Meet Gosenzo
House 12
Here again?
House 11
House 10
House 9
House 8
House 7
House 6
House 5
House 4
Up on the Rooftop
House 3
Perfect Bonus I
House 2
House 1
Perfect Bonus IV
Cat and Mouse II
Cat and Mouse III
Cat and Mouse IV
Cat and Mouse V

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Recent comment(s):
29 May 23:34 2016
buenos logro sos muy bueno, saludos...
30 May 9:21 2016
Gracias :3 ojala logremos conseguir muchos mas! (Y)
8 Jun 23:53 2016
y como activo el Hardcore la pagina??
9 Jun 8:12 2016
Desde los emuladores: debes buscar la opcion que dice "RetroAchievements" en la parte superior , das click y luego buscas donde diga "Hardcore mode" y das click ahi y ya con eso consigues el doble de puntos por cada logro conseguido :3
14 Jun 17:37 2016
Buenos logros has conseguido si seor :)
17 Jun 9:22 2016
Gracias, tu tambien tienes logros muy buenos :)
14 Mar 23:51 2017
Siempre cre que los colombianos en retroachivments eramos un mito JAJAJAJAJAJA buenos logros viejo
25 Mar 19:13 2017
somos una realidad jaja gracias, tu tambien tienes logros muy buenos! a seguir jugando, carajo! :)
3 Dec 4:03 2017
Buenos Logros, y feliz Navidad :D

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MASTERED Nuts & Milk (NES)
MASTERED Balloon Fight (NES)
MASTERED Super Mario World (SNES)
MASTERED Super Bomberman (SNES)
MASTERED Final Fight One (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Antarctic Adventure (NES)
MASTERED Balloon Kid (Gameboy)
MASTERED Final Fight 3 (SNES)
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ CrazyBus (Mega Drive)
MASTERED WWF Betrayal (Gameboy Color)
MASTERED Top Gear 2 (Mega Drive)
MASTERED R-Type (PC Engine)
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry (NES)
MASTERED Tetris Blast (Gameboy)
MASTERED Sunset Riders (SNES)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
MASTERED Alien Hominid (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Super Bomberman 2 (SNES)
MASTERED Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES)
MASTERED Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Pokemon - Yellow Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
MASTERED Pokemon - Blue Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (SNES)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
MASTERED Aero Fighters (SNES)
MASTERED International Superstar Soccer (SNES)
MASTERED Pokemon - Gold Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Adventure Island (Gameboy)
Completed Adventure Island II (NES)
Completed Mega Man X (SNES)
MASTERED Top Gear 3000 (SNES)
MASTERED M.U.S.C.L.E. - Tag Team Match (NES)
MASTERED Congo's Caper (SNES)
MASTERED Pokemon - Silver Version (Gameboy)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Country (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Hamtaro: Ham Ham's Unite (Gameboy Color)
MASTERED Kirby Super Star (SNES)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)
MASTERED Color a Dinosaur (NES)
MASTERED Pokemon - LeafGreen Version (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Super Bomberman 4 (SNES)
MASTERED Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
MASTERED ~Hack~ Pokemon - Liquid Crystal (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Tom and Jerry (SNES)
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Wild Guns (SNES)
87/87 won
Color a Dinosaur (NES)
19/19 won
Alien Hominid (Gameboy Advance)
25/25 won
M.U.S.C.L.E. - Tag Team Match (NES)
23/23 won
~Hack~ Pokemon - Liquid Crystal (Gameboy Advance)
83/83 won
Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Pokemon - Yellow Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Tetris Blast (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Aero Fighters (SNES)
22/22 won
Final Fight 3 (SNES)
21/21 won
Zippy Race (NES)
21/21 won
Antarctic Adventure (NES)
20/20 won
Jaws (NES)
20/20 won
Sunset Riders (SNES)
19/19 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
26/26 won
Balloon Kid (Gameboy)
15/15 won
Tennis (NES)
15/15 won
Congo's Caper (SNES)
14/14 won
Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)
13/13 won
~Homebrew~ CrazyBus (Mega Drive)
13/13 won
Fire 'N Ice (NES)
10/10 won
Nuts & Milk (NES)
10/10 won
Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES)
10/10 won
~Homebrew~ Hot Seat Harry (NES)
7/7 won
R-Type (PC Engine)
6/6 won
WWF Betrayal (Gameboy Color)
6/6 won
Super Bomberman 2 (SNES)
26/26 won
Pokemon - Blue Version (Gameboy)
23/23 won
Clu Clu Land (NES)
26/26 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
38/38 won
Top Gear 2 (SNES)
72/72 won
Super Mario World (SNES)
63/63 won
Astérix (NES)
61/61 won
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
58/58 won
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (SNES)
55/55 won
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
51/51 won
Hamtaro: Ham Ham's Unite (Gameboy Color)
44/44 won
Bust-A-Move (SNES)
27/27 won
Top Gear 3000 (SNES)
40/40 won
Aladdin (SNES)
39/39 won
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Gameboy Advance)
39/39 won
Pokemon - LeafGreen Version (Gameboy Advance)
42/42 won
Super Bomberman 4 (SNES)
38/38 won
Pokemon - Silver Version (Gameboy)
29/29 won
Super Bomberman (SNES)
36/36 won
Final Fight One (Gameboy Advance)
28/28 won
Adventure Island (Gameboy)
28/28 won
Tetris (NES)
29/29 won
International Superstar Soccer (SNES)
28/28 won
Pokemon - Gold Version (Gameboy)
29/29 won
Donkey Kong Country (Gameboy Advance)
29/29 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
32/32 won
Tom and Jerry (SNES)
33/33 won
Adventure Island II (NES)
35/35 won
Arkanoid: Doh It Again (SNES)
59/60 won
Super Metroid (SNES)
51/52 won
Top Gear (SNES)
45/46 won
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty''s Revenge (Gameboy Advance)
44/45 won
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
44/45 won
Animaniacs (SNES)
95/98 won
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Gameboy Advance)
56/58 won
Goof Troop (SNES)
27/28 won
Track and Field (NES)
25/26 won
Urban Champion (NES)
44/47 won
Adventure Island (NES)
14/15 won
Balloon Fight (NES)
25/27 won
Disney's Aladdin (Gameboy Advance)
37/40 won
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (U) (1.0) (SNES)
30/33 won
Contra (NES)
36/40 won
Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)
41/46 won
Donkey Kong Country 3 (Gameboy Advance)
24/27 won
TwinBee (NES)
20/23 won
Columns (Mega Drive)
10/12 won
Avenging Spirit (Gameboy)
28/34 won
Duck Hunt (NES)
25/31 won
Mappy (NES)
28/35 won
Kirby's Dream Land (UE) (Gameboy)
13/17 won
Mega Man X (SNES)
42/56 won
Battle City (NES)
18/24 won
~Unlicensed~ Plants Vs. Zombies (NES)
6/8 won
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)
44/60 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
52/71 won
Super Bomberman 3 (SNES)
23/32 won
Pinball (NES)
15/21 won
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
17/24 won
~Homebrew~ 2048 (NES)
9/13 won
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
29/42 won
Bomberman II (NES)
24/35 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
41/61 won
Columns (PC Engine)
10/15 won
Binary Land (NES)
58/89 won
Donkey Kong Country 2 (Gameboy Advance)
52/80 won
~Hack~ Donkey Kong Country 2 - The Lost Levels (SNES)
18/28 won
F-Zero (SNES)
9/14 won
Donkey Kong (NES)
16/25 won
Knights of the Round (SNES)
5/8 won
Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger (NES)
23/37 won
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SNES)
43/70 won
~Hack~ Ippan Mario 1 (SNES)
14/23 won
Batman Returns (SNES)
9/15 won
The Legend of Kage (NES)
13/22 won
Super Punch-Out!! (SNES)
15/26 won
Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo (CD) (PC Engine)
28/49 won
Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)
60/106 won
Donkey Kong Country - Competition Edition (SNES)
19/34 won
Mach Rider (NES)
30/55 won
Wrecking Crew (NES)
35/67 won
Super C (NES)
23/45 won
Marvel Super Heroes - War of the Gems (SNES)
42/84 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
20/43 won
Donkey Kong Land (Gameboy)
22/48 won
Star Force (NES)
15/33 won
Road Fighter (NES)
26/59 won
Rock n' Roll Racing (SNES)
14/35 won
Super Mario Kart (SNES)
18/47 won
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The (Gameboy)
13/34 won
Frogger (Mega Drive)
8/21 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Gameboy Advance)
26/74 won
Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)
13/38 won
Circus Charlie (NES)
5/16 won
Mr. Do! (SNES)
6/20 won
Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)
8/30 won
Ice Climber (NES)
8/34 won
Picross NP Vol. 1 (SNES)
6/27 won
Pokemon - Ruby Version (Gameboy Advance)
6/30 won
Top Gear 2 (Mega Drive)
9/58 won
Ms. Pac-Man (SNES)
3/24 won
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)
10/84 won
Adventure Island III (NES)
5/42 won
Final Fight (SNES)
3/42 won
~Bonus~ Super Mario World (SNES)
1/21 won

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