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Maiconjs88 (13982 points) (27186)

Member Since: 20 May 2018, 18:58
Last Login: 19 Jun 2018, 00:51
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Retro Ratio: 1.94
Average Completion: 46.89%
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Last 5 games played:

133% complete
Batman Returns (SNES)
Last played 2018-06-19 00:56:25
Earned 10 of 15 achievements, 190/400 points.
The Penguin\
Circus Train
The Batmobile
The Penguin\
Test Tube!
On The Prowl
Battle In The Streets of Gotham City
The City Hero!
Gotham City has a Peaceful Night
Gotham City has a Peaceful Night II

24% complete
Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2018-06-18 03:58:10
Earned 7 of 58 achievements, 29/400 points.
A Hot Chocolate Please (Sonic)
What Happens In Casinos... (Sonic)
Shield Paradise
Who Is Your Decorator? (Sonic)
Like Old Times
Like Old Times (Sonic)
Collector of Rings.
Like Old Times (Tails)
Like Old Times (Knuckles)
Like Old Times (Amy)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Tails)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Knuckles)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Amy)
What Happens In Casinos... (Tails)
What Happens In Casinos... (Knuckles)
What Happens In Casinos... (Amy)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Tails)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Knuckles)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Amy)
Are You...? (Sonic)
Are You...? (Tails)
Are You...?! (Knuckles)
Are You...? (Amy)
Houston, We have a Problem (Sonic)
Houston, We have a Problem (Tails)
Houston, We have a Problem (Knuckles)
Houston, We have a Problem (Amy)
Space Race (Sonic)
Space Race (Tails)
Space Race (Knuckles)
Space Race (Amy)
The End?
The Fastest Thing Alive
The Two Tailed Fox
The Master Emerald Guardian
The Hammer Girl
The Power of Chaos
Chaos Control!
This is not over!!!
Super Sonic Finish
My precious!!!
Nine Hedgehogs
Prepared for the Worst.
Neo Green Hill Speedrun
Secret Base Speedrun
Casino Paradise Speedrun
Ice Mountain Speedrun
Angel Island Speedrun
Hammer Fight
Eggman Toy
Foxes Can Swim, but Hedgehogs Can\
Unlike Sonic I Don\
Comix Zone
Untouchable Hedgehog
25 More and I can go Super... Oh, wait...
The Classic Duo
Tails Just Don\

20% complete
Animaniacs (SNES)
Last played 2018-06-18 03:23:34
Earned 10 of 98 achievements, 26/400 points.
The Munimaniacs IX (Crumbling Wall)
Dot Is Cute and Yakko Yaks, Wakko Packs Away the Snacks
Helloooooo Nurse!
Gotta Watch My Figure. Hey, Somebody\
He Was a Chicken, I Tell You! A Giant Chicken!
Give Me Back My Paperweight!
Mindy in Wonderland
The Munimaniacs VII (White Rabbit Chase)
Goodnight Everybody! (Sci-fi Studio)
Goodnight Everybody! (Fantasy Studio)
Goodnight Everybody! (Aquatic Studio)
Goodnight Everybody! (Adventure Studio)
Call It a Hunch, Sibs, But I Think We\
Oh My...
You Have a Nastey Drooling Problem
Stop Playing With My Bust!
How do you do... That Thing With Your Mouth?
No One\
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana...
The Throne? How Do You Lift the Lid?
Pirate Prinipoly Popoly... Pi... Per
Never Mind That. Just Give Me the Bird
How Come I Always Get the Booby Prize?
Early To Rise and Early to Bed...
We Surfed the Seven Seas, Now It\
No No No! It\
And What\
Okay Lady, I Love You. Buh-bye!
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
Nice Decorating. Let Me Guess, Satan?
Promise Me Something, Pinky. Never Breed.
A Door in Headquaters
A Door in Sci-fi
A Door in Fantasy
A Door in Ocean
A Door in Adventure
Gee, I Never Thought About That
I Haven\
Duh! Where Are They?
We Break Loose and Then Vamoose
The Goodfeathers
The Munimaniacs I (Headquaters)
The Munimaniacs II (Eggplantiens Planet)
The Munimaniacs XVII (Cargo Elevator)
The Munimaniacs IV (Ironworks)
The Munimaniacs V (Space Station)
The Munimaniacs VI (The Gearchase)
The Munimaniacs VIII (Enter the Dogragon)
The Munimaniacs X (Castle Anvilania)
The Munimaniacs XI (Bay of the Jaws)
The Munimaniacs XII (The Pirate Armada)
The Munimaniacs XIII (Gorilla Domain)
The Munimaniacs XIV (The Jungle)
The Munimaniacs XV (The Jungle Pit)
The Munimaniacs XVI (Dracula\
The Munimaniacs III (Death Star Bowling)
The Munimaniacs XVIII (Mine Cart Ride)
The Munimaniacs XIX (Editing Room)
The Animuggers I (Ralph in Studio HQ)
The Animuggers II (Ralph in Studio Grounds)
The Animuggers III (Eggplantien)
The Animuggers IV (Ralph at the Landing Site)
The Animuggers V (The Robot)
The Animuggers VI (Ralph at the Space Station)
The Animuggers VII (Ralph in Castle Anvilania)
The Animuggers VIII (Ralph on Armada)
The Animuggers IX (Crocodile)
The Animuggers X (Ralph in Dracula\
The Animuggers XI (The Robot Again)
Space Probed
Death Star Bowling
Elevator Traction
Toy Shop Terror
A Clockwork Orangeade
The Never Molting Story
The Grate Fall
Bon Voyage-y!
H.M.S. Yakko
Though I Be a Pirate Swine, I Have to Draw the Line...
Bungle in the Jungle
The Jungle Crook
Draculee, Draculaa
E.C. (Extra Cartwheely)
Kongo Bongo
Box of Kittens
Are They Even Trying?!
Wh... What is THIS?!

10% complete
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (SNES)
Last played 2018-06-18 03:05:34
Earned 1 of 20 achievements, 15/400 points.
Steamboat Willie 1928
The Mad Doctor 1933
Moose Hunters 1937
The Lonesome Ghosts 1937
Mickey and the Beanstalk 1947
The Prince and the Pauper 1990
Hard Mode Complete
The Collector
The Hoarder
Wharf Extra Life
Gurney Extra Life
Ghost House Extra Life
Basement Extra Life
Secret Basement Extra Life
Beanstalk Extra Life
Mad Doctor Mickey
Jump The Spider
Wild Moose Chase
Like a Cat

85% complete
Incantation (SNES)
Last played 2018-06-18 02:31:53
Earned 14 of 33 achievements, 120/400 points.
The Cursed Cavern Part 1
The Cliffs
Toll Wheat (Stage 2)
Magic Knife!
Burning Mask!
Homing Sparkle!
The Woods
Toll Wheat (Stage 1)
100 Coins.
Extra Life!
Magic Ball teleporter
Mini Wizard!
Wave beam!
200 Coins.
10 lives!
The Cursed Cavern Part 2
The Cursed Cavern Part 3
The Forest River Part 1
The Forest River Part 2
The Forest River Part 3
The Mountain of Doom
The City Part 1
The City Part 2
Thank You, Wizard!
Hopping Beast
Chaos Warrior

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