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CrazyRedReploid (57136 points) (112625)
Boys and girls, be ambitious!

Member Since: 24 Apr 2015, 17:26
Last Login: 16 Dec 2017, 15:23
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.97
Average Completion: 57.87%
Site Rank: 123 / 48679 users (Top 1%)

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Madden NFL 96 (SNES)
Last played 2017-12-16 15:24:03
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

50% complete
X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse (SNES)
Last played 2017-12-14 00:13:13
Earned 7 of 28 achievements, 60/400 points.
Beasting Around
3 Locks
You Fight Like a Girl
Ace in the Sleeve
3 Cards
Slashed to Pieces
Ready for Action!
Eye on the Train
Payback Time
3 Wolves
3 Eyes
3 Beasts
Apocalypse Cancelled
Omega Dead
E-nemy Destroyed
No Magnets Allowed
Lone Wolf
Eye See You
Ace of Spades
The End

200% complete
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
Last played 2017-12-13 19:27:31
Earned 36 of 36 achievements, 400/400 points.
M. Bison Perfect
Super Street Fighter
Sagat Perfect
Vega Perfect
Balrog Perfect
Dee Jay Perfect
T.Hawk Perfect
Cammy Perfect
Fei Long Perfect
Dhalsim Perfect
Zangief Perfect
Chun-li Perfect
Ken Perfect
Guile Perfect
Blanka Perfect
Honda Perfect
Ryu Perfect
The World is Mine!
Blood and Beauty
Home Sweet Home
Is He my Lover?
The Way of the Dragon
Supreme Yoga Master
For the Glory of Mother Russia
Rest in Peace, Father...
Happy Final
Little Jimmy
Sumo Harmony
Where is The Champion?
Barrel Breaker
Demolition Man
Car Smasher

168% complete
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive)
Last played 2017-12-11 16:08:20
Earned 31 of 37 achievements, 230/400 points.
The Power I Possess!
I Came. I Saw. I Destroyed.
Easygoing Fighter
The King of Destruction
My Great Scar
A Gorgeous, Hunk of a Man
The American Dream
A Past Life
The Soviet Spirit
Rest in Peace
Oh, Eliza
Go Home and be a Family Man
The Guile Theme
True Equals
Evasive Action
In Perfect Harmony
Ceremony Means Nothing
World Champion
Perfect World Champion
To Live is to Fight
Flawless Victory
Barrel Out of Control
Your Strength is Your Will to Win
Collateral Damage
Is This the Finest the World Has to Offer?
Baby You Can Punch My Car
I Am Not Very Fond of Conflict
Stand Your Ground
Street Fighter Elite
Half Minute Hero
Hyper Fighter
Super Hyper Mega Fighter
Something Special

0% complete
Super Mario Advance 3 (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2017-09-26 21:50:28
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

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11 May 17:40 2015
active hardcore mode in emulators. DOUBLE POINTS.

Site Awards

MASTERED Super Mario World (SNES)
MASTERED Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Sonic Advance 2 (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Mega Man V (Gameboy)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
MASTERED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist    (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
MASTERED Final Fight 2 (SNES)
MASTERED Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
MASTERED WWF Betrayal (Gameboy Color)
MASTERED ~Hack~ Sonic 3 Complete (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)
MASTERED Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
MASTERED Samurai Shodown (SNES)
MASTERED World Heroes 2 (SNES)
MASTERED Final Fight 3 (SNES)
MASTERED Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (SNES)
MASTERED Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES)
MASTERED Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Completion Progress

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
51/51 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
43/43 won
WWF Betrayal (Gameboy Color)
6/6 won
Samurai Shodown (SNES)
10/10 won
Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)
16/16 won
Sonic Advance 2 (Gameboy Advance)
18/18 won
Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
18/18 won
Final Fight 3 (SNES)
21/21 won
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES)
23/23 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
24/24 won
~Hack~ Sonic 3 Complete (Mega Drive)
28/28 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (SNES)
33/33 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
36/36 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (NES)
54/55 won
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Gameboy Advance)
38/39 won
Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World (E) (Gameboy Advance)
56/58 won
Sonic 3D Blast (Mega Drive)
19/20 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
36/38 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
30/32 won
Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
15/16 won
Mega Man X3 (SNES)
57/61 won
Donkey Kong Country (Gameboy Advance)
27/29 won
Mega Man V (Gameboy)
40/43 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project (NES)
39/42 won
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Gameboy)
26/28 won
Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)
13/14 won
Streets of Rage 2: Syndicate Wars (Mega Drive)
37/40 won
World Heroes (SNES)
11/12 won
Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)
97/106 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (SNES)
32/35 won
World Heroes 2 (SNES)
20/22 won
Fatal Fury 2 (SNES)
18/20 won
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Gameboy Advance)
35/39 won
Mega Man 6 (NES)
33/37 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
23/26 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Mega Drive)
22/25 won
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
22/25 won
Fatal Fury 2 (Mega Drive)
14/16 won
Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Mega Drive)
71/82 won
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (Gameboy Advance)
31/36 won
Super Mario World (SNES)
54/63 won
Mega Man 4 (NES)
36/42 won
Mega Man Xtreme (Gameboy)
39/46 won
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive)
31/37 won
Mega Man Xtreme 2  (Gameboy Color)
40/48 won
Kirby's Dream Land (UE) (Gameboy)
14/17 won
Mortal Kombat (SNES)
27/33 won
Mega Man X2 (SNES)
44/54 won
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (SNES)
25/31 won
Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
40/50 won
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
36/45 won
Mega Man 5 (NES)
28/35 won
Final Fight 2 (SNES)
12/15 won
Fatal Fury Special (SNES)
30/38 won
Rockman and Forte (SNES)
29/37 won
Sonic Advance 3 (Gameboy Advance)
54/69 won
Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive)
18/23 won
Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
18/24 won
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)
18/24 won
Knights of the Round (SNES)
6/8 won
Mega Man II (Gameboy)
22/30 won
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Mega Drive)
19/26 won
Adventure Island (Gameboy)
20/28 won
Sonic Advance (Gameboy Advance)
41/58 won
Comix Zone (Mega Drive)
14/20 won
Golden Axe III (Mega Drive)
16/23 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist    (Mega Drive)
18/26 won
Virtua Fighter 2 (Mega Drive)
9/13 won
Super Mario Advance (Gameboy Advance)
39/57 won
Final Fight One (Gameboy Advance)
19/28 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES)
14/21 won
Mega Man X (SNES)
37/56 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
39/61 won
Mega Man IV (Gameboy)
28/44 won
Sunset Riders (Mega Drive)
10/16 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. Enhanced (SNES)
30/49 won
~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix (Mega Drive)
11/18 won
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Gameboy Advance)
27/45 won
Mega Man (NES)
25/42 won
Super Mario Bros (NES)
42/71 won
Gyruss (NES)
27/50 won
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Gameboy)
15/28 won
The Little Mermaid (NES)
9/17 won
The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse (SNES)
20/38 won
Mega Man Zero (Gameboy Advance)
21/42 won
Mega Man Zero 2 (Gameboy Advance)
22/45 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
20/42 won
Batman: Return Of The Joker  (NES)
10/21 won
Mega Man Zero 4 (Gameboy Advance)
25/53 won
Mega Man III (Gameboy)
14/30 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. 2 (The Lost Levels) (NES)
5/11 won
Captain Commando (SNES)
9/20 won
Paperboy (Mega Drive)
4/9 won
Double Dragon (NES)
12/28 won
Sunset Riders (SNES)
8/19 won
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Gameboy)
14/34 won
Mortal Kombat II (SNES)
17/42 won
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (NES)
8/20 won
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (SNES)
12/31 won
Mega Man 3 (NES)
32/83 won
Ristar (Mega Drive)
11/29 won
Contra (NES)
15/40 won
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (SNES)
6/16 won
Mega Man Zero 3 (Gameboy Advance)
19/51 won
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (U) (1.0) (SNES)
12/33 won
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
21/58 won
Darkwing Duck (NES)
8/25 won
Aladdin (SNES)
12/39 won
Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive)
7/23 won
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (Mega Drive)
6/20 won
Mega Man 2 (NES)
25/84 won
F-Zero (SNES)
4/14 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
8/31 won
X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse (SNES)
7/28 won
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Gameboy)
9/37 won
Monster In My Pocket (NES)
6/25 won
Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (NES)
12/54 won
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi (Mega Drive)
4/19 won
Adventure Island (NES)
3/15 won
Batman Returns (SNES)
3/15 won
Mighty Final Fight (NES)
9/48 won
Gunsmoke (NES)
3/16 won
Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3 (SNES)
7/38 won
The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie (SNES)
9/53 won
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)
9/55 won
Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Busts Loose! (SNES)
4/25 won
Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES)
5/32 won
Castlevania (NES)
6/40 won
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES)
8/54 won
Adventure Island III (NES)
6/42 won
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (SNES)
7/50 won
Super C (NES)
6/45 won
Castlevania - Dracula X (SNES)
3/29 won
Battletoads (NES)
2/21 won
~Hack~ Super Demo World: The Legend Continues (SNES)
3/34 won
Clay Fighter (SNES)
2/23 won
Super Castlevania IV (SNES)
3/37 won
Final Fight Guy (SNES)
2/27 won
Castlevania - Bloodlines (Mega Drive)
3/42 won
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)
2/31 won
1943: The Battle of Midway (NES)
1/19 won
Final Fight (SNES)
2/42 won
~Bonus~ Super Mario World (SNES)
1/21 won
Donkey Kong Country 2 (Gameboy Advance)
3/80 won
~Unlicensed~ Street Fighter II (NES)
1/27 won
Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones (NES)
1/34 won
Killer Instinct (SNES)
1/53 won

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