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Avoozl (4951 points) (8862)

Member Since: 07 Oct 2015, 02:45
Last Login: 10 Dec 2017, 20:07
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.79
Average Completion: 41.15%
Site Rank: 2139 / 48086 users (Top 5%)

Last 15 games played:

0% complete
Medal of Honor Infiltrator (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2017-11-25 12:57:53
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

92% complete
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Gameboy)
Last played 2017-11-13 00:23:01
Earned 32 of 37 achievements, 290/400 points.
Bested Dodongo
Season of Love
Friendly Flute
Bested Medusa Head
Seed of Life
Bested Gleeok
Blowing Wind
Noble Deed
Iron Ore
Nurturing Warmth
Bested Digdogger
Changing Seasons
Ring Novice
Heroic Deed
Buying Protection
Falling All Around
Sign Killer
Soothing Rain
Ring Apprentice
Spring Fever
Bright Sun
Bested Mothula
I Love Summer
Gift of Time
I Have the Power!
Bested Aquamentus
Fertile Soil
Din of the Seasons
Bested Gohma
Bested Manhanlda
Bested Onox
3 Seasons

0% complete
Darkwing Duck (NES)
Last played 2017-08-28 07:13:55
Earned 0 of 25 achievements, 0/400 points.
The New Bridge
The City Never Sleeps
The Stinky Truth
The Tower
Stacked With Justice
What Lurks In The Woods
Bonus The New Bridge
Bonus The City
Bonus The Sewers
Bonus The Tower
Bonus The Warehouse
Bonus The Woods
Bonus F.O.W.L\
The Terror That Flaps in the Night
I Am Darkwing Duck

0% complete
Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)
Last played 2017-08-27 12:03:10
Earned 0 of 22 achievements, 0/400 points.
The Desert
Black Market in Nowhere
Black Market in Downtown
Abu the Thief
Abu the Kleptomaniac
Lucky Day
Duplicated, Duplicated, Duplicated...
One Jump Ahead
Arabian Nights
Cave of Wonders
The Escape
Rug Ride
Friend Like Me
The Palace of Agrabah
Prince Ali
Fruity Street Rat
Rich Street Rat
Someday, Abu
The King of Thieves

22% complete
The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past (SNES)
Last played 2017-04-03 12:49:23
Earned 12 of 55 achievements, 60/400 points.
Rupee Collector
Bug Catcher
I want to carry more Bombs!
Overpriced Merchandise
Fault Line
Rupee Hunter
I want to carry more Arrows!
Book of Prayer
Powder Girl
Pendant of Courage
Pendant of Power
Pendant of Wisdom
The Magic of the Boom
Magical Shield
Mirror World
The Sword of Masters
Crystal In the Dark
Crystal In the Swamp
Crystal In the Woods
Crystal In the Statue
Crystal In the Ice
Crystal In the Mire
Crystal In the Rock
Bird is the Word
Cursed Magic
The Swordsmith\
You Can\
Ring of Fire
Golden Wish
True Culprit
The Golden Age
Rupee Hoarder
Bested Armos Knights
Bested Lanmolas
Bested Moldorm
Bested Agahnim
Bested Helmasaur King
Bested Arrghus
Bested Mothula
Bested Blind
Bested Kholdstare
Bested Vitreous
Bested Trinexx
Bested Ganon
All Your Bottles Belong to Us
Love the Past

79% complete
Kid Icarus (NES)
Last played 2017-03-26 11:01:32
Earned 26 of 33 achievements, 286/400 points.
All Grown Up !
Clash of the Titans
Three Sacred Treasures (#3)
Slayer of Pandora
Three Sacred Treasures (#2)
Slayer of Hewdraw
Keg Party Time !
Call Me Cupid
Strength Up (Purple)
Level Up (Plus Four)
Three Sacred Treasures (#1)
Slayer of Twinbellows
Whac-a-Mole (x42)
Worst kind of Black Magic
Whac-a-Mole (x24)
Flame War
Write it down
Level Up (Plus Two)
Crystal Orb Defender
Fire Power
Holier Than Thou
Whac-a-Mole (x12)
Strength Up (Green)
Underworld Federal
Tune Your Enemies
Level Up (Plus Three)
Strength Up (Red)
Strength Up (Blue)
Like an Angel
Evasive Maneuvers
The Wit of Hermes
Tragic Peasant

6% complete
Sword of Mana (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2017-03-23 08:52:20
Earned 4 of 65 achievements, 10/400 points.
The Magic Rope
The Iconic Enemy
Defeat the Jackal
Our True Hero
Our True Heroine
Obtain Cactus Essence
An Item That Makes You Tiny
Sword of Mana?
The Sword of Mana
Defeat Count Lee
Defeat the Hydra
Defeat Ankheg
Defeat Medusa
Defeat the Guardian
Defeat the Mindflare
Defeat Boison Vine
Defeat the Garuda
Defeat the Dark Lord
Defeat Malyris
Defeat the Kraken
Defeat Ifrit
Defeat the Lich
Defeat the Golem
Defeat Demagon
Defeat Julius
You Seem Familiar ...
The Dwarf that Knows Best
The Bodyguard
The Wise Mage
An Old Friend
The Bard Whom Sings Songs
The Hero\
This Thing WORKS!?
Oh Look, a che ... Nevermind.
The Pallette Swapped Enemy
Mr. Brown`s Hidden Room
The Point of No Return
Fire Magic
Helped Undine Recover!
Not a Dwarf, but a Gnome
Turned to Stone
Spirit of the Moon
The Pun Making Tree
Chobin Hood\
Flailing Around
Hand to Hand Combat
Let Me AXE You a Question
An A-Mace-ing Weapon
The Dragoon Favorite
Getting Used to the Sword
Getting Used to the Staff
Level 50 - Hero
Level 50 - Heroine
Light Geode
Dark Geode
Moon Geode
Fire Geode
Water Geode
Wood Geode
Wind Geode
Earth Geode

6% complete
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2017-02-11 17:55:34
Earned 4 of 70 achievements, 16/400 points.
This Hand of Mine Glows with an Awesome Power
Swing Your Brother, Round\
The Whack-Attack is Back, Jack!
The Perfect Classic Conflict
A Little Help Goes a Long Way
Cruisin for a Bruisin
Make a Run for the Border
Behind Enemy Lines
Mario and Luigi\
Tolstar Recall
Making a Molehill out of a Mountain
Mine Cart Madness
Mine Cart Carnage
Real Actual Plumbing Work
You Won\
Of Mice and Moles
Gold That IS Worth a Hill of Beans
Wiggle Me This, Fatman!
Cyberdyne Systems\
Beanlets for Breakfast
Learning is Mario FUNdamentals
Learning is Bower
Clean-Up on Aisle Del-Beano
Burying Treesure in the Desert
I Swear That Never Happens
Theriouthly You Guyth, Thop Ith
Good Fella(s)
Make Neon Eggs, Throw Neon Eggs
What Not to Care
No Receipt, No Refund
Super Badge Bros, Rock-Rock ON!
Super \
A Monkey of Barrels
Fortress of Serious-tude
My Cousin Vinny-essa
Battle on the Morton Bridge
This Isn\
Colonel Mustard\
Do You Have Our Greed-is-Good Rewards Card?
Check Your G-Diffusers for Bonus Reward Points
Exciting Rewards on Your Next Visit
With Great Force Comes Great Reward Points
By Grabthar\
Business Members Receive Half-Off Next Purchase
Taking Luigi\
Breakout the Salt
Fwuffy Lamby Jammies
To the Literal High-Ends of the Earth
Plumber Ninja Thief Guy
Tornado, Hold Luigi
Worst.  Escape Sequence.  EVER!
They Wake Up the Next Day and They\
Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere
Gone With the Wimp
Electricity? Careful There! Or It\

2% complete
Shantae (Gameboy)
Last played 2017-01-31 11:59:59
Earned 1 of 44 achievements, 5/400 points.
Risky Business
Scuttle Town
Water Town
Oasis Town
Zombie Town
Bandit Town
Monkey Morph
Elephant Morph
Spider Morph
Harpy Morph
Advanced Morph
Scuttle Dance
Water Dance
Oasis Dance
Zombie Dance
Bandit Dance
Baby Squid!
Small Vial
Medium Vial
Large Vial
Invisible Genie
Lightning Bolt!
Spike Weapon
Exit Candy
Flash Bolts
I Got It!
Max Up
To The Maximum
Gem Sacrifice
2-Hit Spin Kick
Drill Kick
Elbow Dash
Twirl Attack
Decked Out
Dribble Stone
Golem Stone
Simmer Stone
Twinkle Stone
Shantae To Stay

8% complete
The Goonies II (NES)
Last played 2017-01-12 04:41:35
Earned 3 of 38 achievements, 15/400 points.
Fire Bombs
Hammer Time
Candle in the Mug
Geeky Blinkers
Fishlike Agility
Shrinking Steps
Walkie Talkie
Storm is Coming
Ultimate Protection
Mikey Air
Fast as Lightning
Mikey the Menace
Returning Stick
The Keymaster
Son of Molotov
Goonie Positioning Satellite
Clark "Mouth" Devereaux
Andrea "Andy" Carmichael
Brandon "Brand" Walsh
Richard "Data" Wang
Stephanie "Stef" Steinbrenner
Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen
The Rescue of a Little Mermaid
Biting the Hand That Feeds You
Konami Superhero Pilgrimage
A Gift from the Merfolk
A Gift from the Druids
Never Goonie Give You Up
Egon Olsen
Goonies Radio
100% Full-Blooded Goonie
At Minimum Goonies Are Good Enough
Leaving Your Friends Behind
Goonies Never Die

97% complete
Pokemon - Crystal Version (Gameboy Color)
Last played 2016-11-22 12:39:06
Earned 30 of 31 achievements, 350/400 points.
All Unown
Battle Tower Winner
Rise of the Rainbow
Master of Storms
Rocket Radio
Rocket Rage
Rocket Well
North Wind Purification
Be Nice
Battle on the Mountain
Seeing Red
Elite Five
Five Chumps
Fire and Lightning
Milk Maid
Friendly Ghost
Karate Island
Training Dragon
Bug Catcher
Iron Maiden
Old Man Winters
Flying Monk
Rock Hard Defense
Watery Love
Volt Military
Poisonous Ninja
Twisted Spoons
Seclusive Flame
One Time Champ
Gotta Catch \

100% complete
Pokemon - Red Version (Gameboy)
Last played 2016-11-22 12:27:51
Earned 23 of 23 achievements, 400/400 points.
I Can Hear the Sea!
Elite Stomp
Defeat Giovanni
Defeat Erika
Defeat Koga
Defeat Sabrina
Defeat Blaine
Preparing to Be the Very Best
Pokemon Master!
Halfway (Solo)
Halfway (Party)
Going All the Way
Dragon Fist
Defeat Brock
Defeat Misty
Defeat Lt. Surge
Enter the Dragon
The Sleeper Awakes
Uno, Dos, Tres!
The Strongest Pokemon Ever!
Gotta Catch \

0% complete
BATMAN-VENGE (Gameboy Advance)
Last played 2016-11-21 13:44:25
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

6% complete
Batman: The Video Game (Gameboy)
Last played 2016-11-19 15:08:38
Earned 2 of 31 achievements, 15/400 points.
Beat 1-1
Wave to the Crowd
Beat 1-2
Beat 1-3
Beat Area 1
Beat 2-1
Beat 2-2
Beat Area 2
Beat 3-1
Beat Area 3
Beat 4-1
Beat 4-2
Beat The Game
1-1 Master
1-2 Master
1-3 Master
1-B Master
2-1 Master
2-2 Master
2-3 Master
3-1 Master
3-2 Master
4-1 Master
4-2 Master
4-B Master
Short to be a Superhero?
Compensating for Something?
Do You Expect Me To Talk?

0% complete
Last played 2016-11-18 15:06:25
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

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