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Aslanoth (10833 points) (14587)
You must yield!!

Member Since: 13 Aug 2016, 07:08
Last Login: 11 Apr 2017, 14:47

Retro Ratio: 1.35
Average Completion: 28.59%
Site Rank: 771 / 32970 users (Top 3%)

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Zelda (NES)
Last played 2017-04-11 09:04:29
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

87% complete
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (Gameboy)
Last played 2017-04-10 05:03:32
Earned 17 of 39 achievements, 185/400 points.
Broken Boxes
Puppet of Marik
Time Blades
Cold Read
Fortress Fail
Hot Damn
Grandaddy Booster
Bane of Pegasus
Dark Hole
Reborn No Better
Egypt Fiend
Victory of The Mortal
Millennium Pendant
Millennium Ring
Millennium Key
Millennium Trial
Millennium Rod
Duel Master
Flawless Integration

85% complete
Super Mario Bros (NES)
Last played 2017-04-04 06:18:49
Earned 30 of 71 achievements, 118/400 points.
Fancy Mushrooms Picker VI
Pacifist Mario IV
Master Plumber IV
Pacifist Mario III
Master Plumber III
Pacifist Mario II
Saved The Girl
Labyrinth Master
O Brother, Where Art Thou Going?
Fancy Mushrooms Picker X
Fancy Mushrooms Picker IX
I Know Another Shortcut!
Fancy Mushrooms Picker V
Master Plumber II
If I Were A Rich Man
Right Then...
Going For a Dip
Fancy Mushrooms Picker III
I Know a Shortcut!
Now You\
Pacifist Mario I
Master Plumber I
Top of the Flagpole
What Are You Doing Up There?
Celebrate in Style
Fancy Mushrooms Picker I
Saved The Girl Again!
Fastest Plumber Alive!
Sky High
Boogie Beans
Super Star Bros. Brawl
Combo Master
Buzzy Shoryuken!
Bye, Brittle Phony! I (Goomba)
Bye, Brittle Phony! II (Koopa Troopa)
Bye, Brittle Phony! III (Buzzy Beetle)
Bye, Brittle Phony! IV (Spiny)
Bye, Brittle Phony! V (Lakitu)
Bye, Brittle Phony! VI (Blooper)
Bye, Brittle Phony! VII (Hammer Bro)
Pacifist Mario V
Pacifist Mario VI
Pacifist Mario VII
Pacifist Mario VIII

32% complete
Final Fantasy II (J) (NES)
Last played 2017-04-03 20:27:45
Earned 12 of 76 achievements, 31/400 points.
Traitorous Fiend
Goddess Light Your Path
A Little Help From Jo Friend
Ring-a-ding Ding
Burns Twice As Bright
Let Those People Go
When Turtles Attack
Eye In The Sky
Royal Escort
Mad About Mithril
By Any Other Name
Fastest Thing On Two Legs
The Real Damage Dealer
The Other White Magic
The Wall
This Thing Channels Magic?
TWO Hands? Are You Crazy?
Classic Fantasy
Crazy Axe Murderer
Robin Hood\
Full Coverage
An Addiction To Maginol
Elemental Empowerment
Shang Tsung\
Dragon Knights
Opposing Forces
Ekmet Teloess
The Big City
The Sealed Magic
This Blows
Green Majesty
Aegis You Deserve This
The Cat\
Kinda Rough On The Hands
The Power Of The Divine Surges Within
Bearer Of Bad News
The Sealed Power
Finally, Level 50 Attack
Berserk Bowman
The Ultimate Turtle
Previously Unrecorded Specimen
Legend Of Dragoon
Mask Of Radiance
Mask Of Shadow
The Rod Of... Crystal
The Sacrifice
First Customers In Weeks
Spirit Of The Flute
Flames Guarding Flames
Brink Of Extinction
Last Thing Standing

0% complete
Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subette Koronde Dai Rantou (NES)
Last played 2017-03-31 01:28:48
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

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Site Awards

Completed Donkey Kong Country (U) (1.0) (SNES)
Completed Kirby's Dream Land (UE) (Gameboy)
Completed Donkey Kong (NES)
MASTERED Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Gameboy Advance)
MASTERED Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Final Fantasy (NES)

Completion Progress

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Gameboy Advance)
41/41 won
Kirby's Dream Land (UE) (Gameboy)
17/17 won
Donkey Kong (NES)
25/25 won
Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
24/24 won
Donkey Kong Country (U) (1.0) (SNES)
32/32 won
Final Fantasy (NES)
26/26 won
Bomberman (NES)
37/40 won
Super Bomberman (SNES)
33/36 won
Pokemon Red Version (U) (Gameboy)
20/23 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
27/38 won
Mega Man X (SNES)
27/42 won
Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
10/18 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (Gameboy)
17/39 won
Super Mario Bros (NES)
30/71 won
Mega Man X2 (SNES)
22/54 won
Ninja Gaiden (NES)
14/36 won
Super Smash TV (Mega Drive)
5/14 won
Alien 3 (Mega Drive)
5/14 won
Columns (Mega Drive)
4/12 won
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)
8/24 won
1942 (NES)
6/19 won
Bomberman II (NES)
11/35 won
Castlevania (NES)
22/70 won
Joust (NES)
3/10 won
Super Mario World (SNES)
26/89 won
Battle City (NES)
7/24 won
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
7/24 won
Double Dragon (NES)
8/28 won
Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)
6/22 won
Pokemon Ruby Version (Gameboy Advance)
8/30 won
Mega Man X3 (SNES)
16/61 won
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES)
6/23 won
Tetris (NES)
7/29 won
Pokemon Gold Version (Gameboy)
7/29 won
Spy Vs Spy (NES)
7/29 won
Tetris Attack (SNES)
12/50 won
Contra (NES)
6/27 won
Thunder Force III (Mega Drive)
6/28 won
Castlevania: Bloodlines (Mega Drive)
9/42 won
Splatterhouse 2 (Mega Drive)
4/20 won
Altered Beast (Mega Drive)
3/15 won
Captain Commando (SNES)
4/20 won
Felix the Cat (NES)
13/65 won
After Burner II (Mega Drive)
5/25 won
Arrow Flash (Mega Drive)
4/20 won
Alien Soldier (Mega Drive)
8/42 won
Bust-A-Move (SNES)
5/27 won
Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (Mega Drive)
6/33 won
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Mega Drive)
3/17 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
4/24 won
Battletoads and Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
2/12 won
Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive)
4/24 won
Ecco The Dolphin (Mega Drive)
7/42 won
Art of Fighting (Mega Drive)
3/19 won
Final Fantasy II (J) (NES)
12/76 won
Alien Storm (Mega Drive)
2/13 won
Blades of Steel (NES)
7/50 won
Mega Bomberman (Mega Drive)
4/30 won
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)
9/73 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
3/26 won
Tetris DX (Gameboy Color)
2/18 won
Elemental Master (Mega Drive)
5/45 won
Bomberman Tournament (Gameboy Advance)
4/37 won
Super Hang-On (Mega Drive)
2/21 won
Mega Man (NES)
4/42 won
Mario Bros. (NES)
2/21 won
Astérix (NES)
5/61 won
Ninja Gaiden (Mega Drive)
2/25 won
Mega Man Battle Network (Gameboy Advance)
4/50 won
Strider (Mega Drive)
1/13 won
Animaniacs (Mega Drive)
1/13 won
X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse (SNES)
2/28 won
Tennis (NES)
1/15 won
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
5/78 won
Kuru Kuru Kururin (Gameboy Advance)
4/64 won
Mega Man 2 (NES)
5/84 won
Rocket Knight Adventures (Mega Drive)
2/34 won
Ice Climber (NES)
2/34 won
Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer (Mega Drive)
2/37 won
1943: The Battle of Midway (NES)
1/19 won
Antz (Gameboy Color)
1/20 won
Castlevania: The Adventure (Gameboy)
1/28 won
Earthworm Jim (SNES)
1/36 won
8 Eyes (NES)
1/42 won

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