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Joe and Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics (SNES)

Developer:Data East
Publisher:Data East
First released:April 1994


There are 16 achievements worth 210 (499) points.
Stone Wheels
won by 13 (11) of 58 (22.41%)
Collect 300 Stone Wheels
Score 20000
won by 18 (13) of 58 (31.03%)
Score 20,000 Points
Happily Ever After
won by 22 (16) of 58 (37.93%)
Get Married and Have a Child
Kali Kali Valley
won by 56 (32) of 58 (96.55%)
Clear Kali Kali Valley
The Deep Tropics
won by 22 (16) of 58 (37.93%)
Clear The Deep Tropics
The Snowy Rockies
won by 20 (15) of 58 (34.48%)
Clear The Snowy Rockies
Murky Swampland
won by 23 (18) of 58 (39.66%)
Clear The Murky Swampland
The Scarlet Carpet
won by 18 (15) of 58 (31.03%)
Clear The Scarlet Carpet
A Village in Flames
won by 18 (14) of 58 (31.03%)
Defeat Gork at the Village
won by 14 (11) of 58 (24.14%)
Clear Gork's Lair
Get Ready for a Wild Ride
won by 29 (21) of 58 (50.00%)
Defeat the Stegosaurus in Kali Kali Valley Without Taking Damage
Windy Valley
won by 12 (10) of 58 (20.69%)
Defeat the Pterodactyl in the Deep Tropics Without Taking Damage
Dino Demolition
won by 10 (10) of 58 (17.24%)
Defeat the Elasmosaurus in the Murky Swampland Without Taking Damage
Tension in the Ice Cave
won by 7 (7) of 58 (12.07%)
Defeat the Icy Stegosaurus in the Snowy Rockies Without Taking Damage
Jurassic Journey
won by 9 (9) of 58 (15.52%)
Defeat the T-Rex in the Scarlet Carpet Without Taking Damage
Battle for the Crown
won by 6 (6) of 58 (10.34%)
Defeat Gork Without Taking Damage in the Foreboding Cave (Both Forms)
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Recent comment(s):
13 Jul 01:36
You can use the password system if you decide to take a break.
13 Jul 01:38
For some of the bosses there is short chase scenes before the actual fight. If you take damage during these it should not effect the achievement, but there is a small chance so still try to avoid taking damage.
13 Jul 01:40
If playing with save states. Have a save a little bit before the boss (before the checkpoint statue) For the Gork fight in the Foreboding cave. Have a save right at the start of his area. (By the cave entrance)
13 Jul 01:40
If any problems or questions please send me a message. Thank you
01 Jan 17:09
Dino Demolition didn't unlocked.

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