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Pokemon - Ultra Violet (Gameboy Advance)

First released:July 2nd, 2013


There are 29 achievements worth 400 (580) points.
On a Safari Hunt
won by 81 (67) of 87 (93.10%)
Ask to catch your own, instead of taking one of the three normal starters.
Master of Rock
won by 70 (60) of 87 (80.46%)
Defeat Brock and earn the Boulder Badge.
Master of Water
won by 57 (51) of 87 (65.52%)
Defeat Misty and obtain the Cascade Badge.
won by 55 (49) of 87 (63.22%)
Find and capture the Mythical Pokemon, Mew!
Master of Electric
won by 54 (49) of 87 (62.07%)
Defeat Lt. Surge and obtain the Thunder Badge.
Brand New Territory
won by 50 (46) of 87 (57.47%)
Obtain a pass to 4 Point Island and give it a visit!
Hoenn Starter
won by 45 (41) of 87 (51.72%)
Find and catch one of the three Hoenn Starters.
Master of Grass
won by 48 (44) of 87 (55.17%)
Defeat Erika and obtain the Rainbow Badge.
Master of Poison
won by 45 (41) of 87 (51.72%)
Defeat Koga and obtain the Soul Badge.
Master of Psychic
won by 44 (40) of 87 (50.57%)
Defeat Sabrina and obtain the Marsh Badge.
Master of Fire
won by 41 (37) of 87 (47.13%)
Defeat Blaine and obtain the Volcano Badge.
Master of Ground
won by 40 (36) of 87 (45.98%)
Defeat Giovanni and obtain the Earth Badge.
Kanto Starter
won by 44 (40) of 87 (50.57%)
Find and catch one of the Kanto Starters.
The Champion
won by 39 (35) of 87 (44.83%)
Defeat the Champion. (Round 1)
Time Traveler of the Forest
won by 37 (34) of 87 (42.53%)
Find and capture the Mythical protector of the forest!
Mystic Bird of the Mountain
won by 33 (30) of 87 (37.93%)
Find and capture Ho-oh!
Mystic Bird of the Sea
won by 33 (30) of 87 (37.93%)
Find and Capture Lugia!
Mythical DNA Pokemon
won by 32 (29) of 87 (36.78%)
Find and Capture Deoxys!
Johto Starter
won by 35 (32) of 87 (40.23%)
Find and catch one of the Johto Starters.
Legendary Dragon
won by 41 (37) of 87 (47.13%)
Find and Capture Rayquaza!
Legendary Sunlight
won by 40 (37) of 87 (45.98%)
Find and capture Groudon!
Legendary Rain
won by 41 (38) of 87 (47.13%)
Find and capture Kyogre!
Hard as Rock
won by 37 (35) of 87 (42.53%)
Find and capture Regirock!
Cold as Ice
won by 38 (35) of 87 (43.68%)
Find and capture Regice!
Clear as Steel
won by 36 (34) of 87 (41.38%)
Find and capture Registeel!
Sister Legendary
won by 37 (34) of 87 (42.53%)
Find and capture Latias!
Brother Legendary
won by 37 (34) of 87 (42.53%)
Find and capture Latios!
Pokedex Complete!
won by 24 (22) of 87 (27.59%)
Catch all Pokemon available. Yes, that is all 386 Pokemon!
What is THAT thing?
won by 33 (29) of 87 (37.93%)
Defeat the hidden trainer at the top of Pokemon Tower in Lavender.
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Recent comment(s):
27 Jul 20:41
Delmaru This is a hack of Fire Red where its made Possible to catch all 386 Pokemon that were available at this point in the series.
15 Aug 01:27
I think I played this when it first came out, I'm really surprised no one made a set of Pokemon Brown yet.
15 Aug 02:02
The correct ROM is linked to the wrong page.
15 Aug 02:13
Found one that works, and it's prepatched.CRC32: EE732896, most give me white screens.
15 Aug 13:11
Great ! Another Pokemon hack on RA. Thank Delmaru !
15 Aug 16:49
Yeah, getting this one to work was a pain. And no problem, this was fun to do!
15 Aug 17:06
Ok, I'm going to try this hack, thanks, Delmaru. :)
15 Aug 23:57
I just got the prepatched indeed from emuparadise. Let me tell you guys.. I just started playing.. After Oak's parcel I encountered a SHINY ratata... I had no balls yet. :( FML this is going to be a great playtru! :D
16 Aug 03:49
There's a good reason why you ran into a shiny. You'll probably encounter more. Its definitely no accident.
17 Aug 18:44
someone could send to me a link to download it ? Thanks boyzzzz
18 Aug 10:12
I patched fire red and not getting the right list and also white screen.
20 Aug 03:31
here's what I did. Go to vizzed, search for Pokemon Ultra Violet. Use their plug-in, once the ROM is loaded it should pop-up in "C:\ProgramData\Vizzed\VizzedRgrPlugin\Roms"
24 Aug 14:35
Finally, done! Everything works perfectly. Thanks again for this great pokehack.
30 Dec 04:56
Please post the game working for us in the community, because it is very complicated to play this hack, because no matter what rom I apply the patch, never works (does not load the conquest and does not recognize the game) (continue...)
30 Dec 04:57
(..) so I ask your collaboration if Possible, thank you!
16 Feb 21:36
White screen + achievements not detected (linked with another RA page). Tried with RomHacking, not working... :/
18 Feb 09:25
prepatched rom [Pokemon Ultra Violet (1.22) LSA (Fire Red Hack).zip] shows as Fire Red in RA
28 Feb 05:08
Here's a complete ultra violet guide (PDF format) that may help you out if you're having trouble to catch all 386 pokemon -

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