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Tower RE (NES)

Developer:hack (MKH)
Genre:Platformer (Side Scrolling)
First released:2004


There are 7 achievements worth 100 (147) points.
won by 16 (14) of 25 (64.00%)
Collect 99 Coins.
won by 25 (19) of 25 (100.00%)
Find and Collect a Mushroom Power-Up.
Throw the fireballs
won by 21 (17) of 25 (84.00%)
Find and collect a Fire Flower.
Throw the hammers
won by 18 (15) of 25 (72.00%)
Find and collect the Hammer Bros-Suit.
On Top Of The Tower!
won by 6 (4) of 25 (24.00%)
Complete all floors and defeat Mario.
Bonus Floor
won by 16 (13) of 25 (64.00%)
Get the Bonus Floor.
Defeat the weather!
won by 16 (13) of 25 (64.00%)
Defeat a thundercloud with a hammer.
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Recent comment(s):
24 Aug 13:26
Wow I'm surprised to see achievements for this game when my friend Mist said he was going to make some. This will be less work for him. Thanks for making these so far.
12 Sep 10:47
where can i foud this rom
12 Sep 14:36
Here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1548/
30 Oct 04:50
Congrats for those who completed this, i can't pass floor 17, i just can't! these thundercloud is a pain in the ass =(
19 Nov 20:47
The emulator don't recognize the arquive

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