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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Gameboy Color)

Genre:Action RPG (Top-Down View)
First released:December 12, 1998


There are 36 achievements worth 400 (873) points.
Tail Cello
won by 259 (153) of 395 (65.57%)
Acquire the Full Moon Cello from the Tail Cave
Bottle Horn
won by 196 (125) of 395 (49.62%)
Acquire the Conch Horn from the Bottle Grotto
Cavern Bell
won by 157 (107) of 395 (39.75%)
Acquire the Sea Lily's Bell from the Key Cavern
won by 139 (96) of 395 (35.19%)
Acquire the Surf Harp from the Angler's Tunnel
won by 129 (93) of 395 (32.66%)
Acquire the Wind Marimba from the Catfish's Maw
Face Triangle
won by 116 (88) of 395 (29.37%)
Acquire the Coral Triangle from the Face Shrine
Tower Organ
won by 103 (77) of 395 (26.08%)
Acquire the Organ of Evening Calm from the Eagle's Tower
Turtle Drum
won by 100 (77) of 395 (25.32%)
Acquire the Thunder Drum from Turtle Rock
It Was All A Dream
won by 101 (77) of 395 (25.57%)
Wake the Wind Fish from his slumber
A Dream Come True
won by 74 (65) of 395 (18.73%)
Help Marin fulfill her dream
Bested Moldorm
won by 142 (102) of 395 (35.95%)
Defeat Moldorm without being harmed
Bested Genie
won by 86 (74) of 395 (21.77%)
Defeat Genie without being harmed
Bested Slime Eye
won by 68 (63) of 395 (17.22%)
Defeat Slime Eye without being harmed
Bested Angler Fish
won by 105 (80) of 395 (26.58%)
Defeat Angler Fish without being harmed
Bested Slime Eel
won by 72 (65) of 395 (18.23%)
Defeat Slime Eel without being harmed
Bested Facade
won by 110 (83) of 395 (27.85%)
Defeat Facade without being harmed
Bested Evil Eagle
won by 102 (76) of 395 (25.82%)
Defeat Evil Eagle without being harmed
Bested Hot Head
won by 66 (59) of 395 (16.71%)
Defeat Hot Head without being harmed
Bested Shadow Nightmares
won by 92 (72) of 395 (23.29%)
Defeat all 6 Shadow Nightmares without being harmed
Level-1 Shield
won by 391 (192) of 395 (98.99%)
Acquire the Level-1 Shield from Tarin
Level-1 Sword
won by 361 (190) of 395 (91.39%)
Acquire the Level-1 Sword from Toronbo Shores
Level-2 Sword
won by 98 (78) of 395 (24.81%)
Obtain the Level-2 Sword
Music Man
won by 116 (88) of 395 (29.37%)
Learn all 3 Ocarina songs
Washed Up Returner
won by 103 (81) of 395 (26.08%)
Get the boomerang
I Have Half A Heart
won by 151 (103) of 395 (38.23%)
Obtain a total of 7 hearts
Awaken My Heart
won by 75 (64) of 395 (18.99%)
Obtain all 14 Heart Containers
Rupee Amasser
won by 137 (96) of 395 (34.68%)
Get a total of 999 rupees on the rupee counter
Shell Collection
won by 57 (55) of 395 (14.43%)
Collect all possible 26 Secret Seashells across Koholint
More Powder!
won by 152 (106) of 395 (38.48%)
Get the Magic Powder capacity upgrade from the Mad Batter
More Arrows!
won by 99 (77) of 395 (25.06%)
Get the Arrow capacity upgrade from the Mad Batter
More Bombs!
won by 108 (81) of 395 (27.34%)
Get the Bomb capacity upgrade from the Mad Batter
Bested Evil Orb
won by 111 (80) of 395 (28.10%)
Defeat Evil Orb without being harmed
New Clothes!
won by 122 (88) of 395 (30.89%)
Acquire the red clothes or the blue clothes from the Color Dungeon.
The Travels of THIEF
won by 55 (51) of 395 (13.92%)
Complete the Photo Album
Here Stands A Brave Man
won by 137 (94) of 395 (34.68%)
Agree to be photographed
Beautiful! I\
won by 89 (74) of 395 (22.53%)
Keep refusing to be photographed
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Recent comment(s):
20 Feb 09:37
Wait, what does this page appeared when, until now, the DX version shared the page of the original one? Well, at least no we can have achievements for the new dungeon on DX, the one you can't enter without using a GameBoy Color.
16 Sep 15:46
To anyone who wants to help with achievements for this version, please check my post of suggestions in the forum. Thanks.
16 Sep 15:48
SporyTike used Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (USA, Europe) for the achievements he took from the original version so far.
22 Sep 01:12
The bested Evil Eagle Achievement should pop if you use the Hookshot to finish him off or wait to finish him off after he tries to blow you off of the tower.
14 Oct 04:13
Yeah, for the original LA I was using a DX rom. Not a big deal but I have to do a lot of things again.
19 Oct 12:32
Why only 375 points?
30 Oct 16:21
Last I checked it was because they are trying to figure out the memory addresses for a lot of the photo ops in the game to use them as achievements.
01 Nov 23:40
Dammit, I stupidly got the Level 2 sword before getting all of the other sea-shells. Now I'm stuck at 20 and the rest of the shells are rupees.
21 Dec 19:33
Thanks Guys ! I sure had a great time re-playing this game, for me it's the best Zelda ever made !Now let's beat ALTTP ! =D
22 Mar 22:27
I think I figured out why some of the "Bested" cheevs are finicky... it's because we keep fast forwarding so the "boss start" trigger doesn't... trigger. And/or the "boss end" trigger.
23 Mar 06:31
Well, this was a fun game... It'll be nice when I return here for the GB set!
02 Sep 18:33
Several best cheevs trigged though I took damage during the fight.
15 Dec 00:15
Remi, we are definitely in the minority. Link's Awakening is my favorite LoZ game also. I hope Nintendo maintains the integrity of the series and never changes the formula too much. The direction they went with Hyrule Warriors makes me a tad nervous.
15 Dec 02:15
Also, why are the achievement ratings so mediocre? Is it simply because many weren't triggering? I'm about to attempt a 100% play through and hopefully the problems were fixed with the recent retroarch workings.
16 Dec 16:46
"Bested Angler Fish" didn't trigger for me, I did this 3 or 4 times.
17 Dec 23:26
Literally just got the "Bested Angler Fish" on first try on a RertoArch platform, RetroPie to be specific.
18 Dec 16:46
On the other hand, I could not get The Travel of THIEF to trigger using RetraArch. I had to boot up the trusty RAGBA emulator to get it to trigger. I transferred my rom from my file and renamed the .srm save .sav before booting the emulator and Wahla
26 Jan 22:36
"Bested Moldorm" isn't popping.
13 Apr 16:35
bested genie, slime eye and slime eel aren't popping. facade did pop, despite taking damage on him! ROM info:

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