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Bubble Bath Babes (NES)

Genre:Puzzle (Matching)
First released:1991


There are 6 achievements worth 65 (86) points.
Point enthusiastic!
won by 74 (60) of 78 (94.87%)
Get 1000 in the score
Points Fanatic!
won by 46 (40) of 78 (58.97%)
Get 5000 in the score
won by 78 (63) of 78 (100.00%)
Break 50 Bubbles
Like a real bubble
won by 63 (54) of 78 (80.77%)
Break 100 Bubbles
Bubble Slayer!
won by 49 (44) of 78 (62.82%)
Break 175 Bubbles
You Monster!
won by 24 (23) of 78 (30.77%)
Break 250 Bubbles
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Recent comment(s):
11 Mar 03:42
Surprised to see this has achievements. Although, out of curiosity why were the images replaced with giant red signs? IIRC, the ones in place were cropped to remove anything offensive anyway.
15 Jun 09:27
Oh no there's more?
08 Jul 00:04
Yup, there's more!
05 Aug 03:02
You Monster! seems to be broken, scored over 1k bubbles and it doesn't trigger (many times).
05 Aug 14:45
Hmmm, I'll check that out then, and get back to you
17 Jun 13:35
Hi! There is a problem with the achievement "You Monster!". I think it's broken. I tried both types of game, but it haven't worked yet.
12 Oct 14:59
You monster don't work i have break more 300 Bubbles :-(

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