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Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (SNES)

Developer:Rare Ltd.
First released:October 1993


There are 22 achievements worth 400 (1448) points.
won by 186 (103) of 189 (98.41%)
Complete Stage 1
Big Blag
won by 117 (76) of 189 (61.90%)
Complete Stage 2
won by 56 (43) of 189 (29.63%)
Complete Stage 3
The Rat Ship
won by 44 (37) of 189 (23.28%)
Complete Stage 4
Robo Manus
won by 43 (36) of 189 (22.75%)
Complete Stage 5
Shadow Boss
won by 40 (34) of 189 (21.16%)
Complete Stage 6
The Power of Teamwork
won by 34 (28) of 189 (17.99%)
Beat the Game without use continues or using warps
won by 36 (33) of 189 (19.05%)
Bad Ending...?
won by 29 (26) of 189 (15.34%)
At least the Dark Queen doesn't cheat...
Team Toad - Zitz
won by 36 (30) of 189 (19.05%)
Beat the Game using Zitz
Team Toad - Pimple
won by 12 (11) of 189 (6.35%)
Beat the Game using Pimple
Team Toad - Rash
won by 14 (13) of 189 (7.41%)
Beat the Game using Rash
Team Dragon - Billy
won by 13 (11) of 189 (6.88%)
Beat the Game using Billy
Team Dragon - Jimmy
won by 15 (14) of 189 (7.94%)
Beat the Game using Jimmy
The Ultimate Team
won by 16 (13) of 189 (8.47%)
Beat the Game without use continues or using warps and 5 lives
One of Each One?
won by 89 (57) of 189 (47.09%)
Get 5 lives
Junior Toad
won by 71 (48) of 189 (37.57%)
Geat at least 300'000 points
Like the Arcades
won by 24 (20) of 189 (12.70%)
Geat at least 900'000 points
Breaking the rules
won by 14 (12) of 189 (7.41%)
Beat the Game with less than 30'000 points
A Nice Trip
won by 102 (64) of 189 (53.97%)
Reach Stage 3 with 5 lives
Perfect Team
won by 29 (26) of 189 (15.34%)
Beat the Game in less than 30 minutes
Powerless Army
won by 23 (20) of 189 (12.17%)
Beat the game in less than 5 minutes
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Recent comment(s):
28 May 15:21
Achievements didn't pop in a single player playthrough.
20 Jul 00:25
I just completed the ENTIRE game on Hardcore without cheat codes and warps, and have nothing to show for it. Not a very happy camper right now......
20 Jul 00:29
Nothing seems to work, and the Shadow Boss achievement randomly popped
28 Sep 15:49
Uh, the first comment here says the achievements only work on 2 player mode. Now that probably isn't good but there's no use wondering what happened when the answer is right there.
11 Nov 09:38
These beat the game together with 2 players ones are bizarre and appear elsewhere on the site (Jackal). It's completely inconsistent with everything on RA being 1P
19 Jan 12:29
someone fix these achievements please!
30 Mar 02:10
It's OK if "some" of the achievements are 2P, but it's entirely wrong that the entire set is 2P, by any means of imagination. This is not SFV, and you see the reaction to online-only games. Please nerf these 2P stuff and put some 1P stuff in.Thanks
19 Aug 02:08
Play with 2P, but achivements not set to 2 frogs. Only P1 :(
07 Sep 12:45
Almost all achievements are broken! Needs fix ASAP!
07 Oct 06:33
There is seems to have a problem with beating the game with the heroes. I was spying on your code and i found that the memory 0x000040 Vide del jefe, sometimes get stuck at the HEX value of [0f] thats 15, i recommend using this memory 0x000042 = 01
02 Nov 04:16
What rom a should use ? Already finish the game with Rash and Jimmy, and not trigger !!
02 Nov 20:37
Rogerio, precisar jogar com 2 players pra poder pegar os achievements. Jogando de 1 nao pega nada. E quando termina o jogo so contabiliza que finalizou com o personagem do P1. Uma opcao eh colocar pra controlar os 2 em um controle so.
03 Nov 08:43
Vai sim Jean, aqui joguei sempre em 1P, eh que as vezes naum vai mesmo, porem acho que arrumaram esse problema
03 Nov 19:09
Mas com 1P tava dando achievement pra vc? Todos que fiz eu usei 2P.
11 Apr 19:37
"Team Toad - Zitz" popped instead of "Team Dragon - Jimmy". Was using the warps, not sure if that matters, but probably shouldn't.
11 Apr 20:25
Also, "Breaking the rules" popped when I had 30250 points.
12 Apr 08:50
Oh, and apparently "The Power of Teamwork" and "The Ultimate Team" both popped even though I used warps.
16 May 01:51
Am I to understand this game has to be played through as the second player for the cheevs to work? Or was that remedied?
18 May 21:59
I don't think that was changed. Somebody should get on that if it wasn't.
25 Jun 21:56
Don't know why, but i finished the game with Jimmy and got Zits achievement as bonus o_o

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