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Fist of the North Star (Gameboy)

Developer:Electro Brain
Publisher:Electro Brain
First released:1990


There are 10 achievements worth 200 (205) points.
Time to fight Shin
won by 89 (77) of 89 (100.00%)
Time to fight Jagi
won by 83 (75) of 89 (93.26%)
Time to fight Uighur
won by 82 (74) of 89 (92.13%)
Time to fight Souther
won by 82 (74) of 89 (92.13%)
Time to fight Raoh
won by 81 (73) of 89 (91.01%)
Beat Souther
Time to fight Falco
won by 77 (70) of 89 (86.52%)
Time to fight Han
won by 76 (70) of 89 (85.39%)
Beat Falco
Time to fight Hyoh
won by 76 (70) of 89 (85.39%)
Time to fight Kaioh
won by 76 (70) of 89 (85.39%)
Beat the game
won by 76 (69) of 89 (85.39%)
Beat Kaioh and beat the game
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Recent comment(s):
30 Jul 13:40
hold "A"button for firball, it's the only way to beat game
09 Aug 18:09
Hints:1- Select Souther;2 - Vs Mr. Heart/ Uighur: Use fireballs while maintaining distance from both;3- Vs other fighters: Stay away (in the corner) and shoot fireballs during the standing jump.
03 Sep 12:11
4/5 to game rating because it's so much better than the megadrive version ! :-)They created different soundtracks and backgrounds. The animation is decent considering the hardware.Quite hard if you don't spam fireballs though... ;-)

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