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Front Mission (SNES)

Genre:Strategy, Tactical RPG
First released:February 24, 1995 (JP V1.0 ROM + PATCH REQUIRED)


There are 11 achievements worth 75 (180) points.
The Larcus incident
won by 42 (21) of 43 (97.67%)
Become involved in the incident that re-ignites the war
Carrion Crow
won by 29 (15) of 43 (67.44%)
Accomplish your first mission as Carrion Crow's Squad Leader
Protect the Reporter
won by 12 (7) of 43 (27.91%)
Do not allow Frederick's Wanzer to be destroyed during Mission 2
Cargo Secured
won by 12 (7) of 43 (27.91%)
Retrieve the goods from the crashed airplane
Convoy Defense
won by 12 (9) of 43 (27.91%)
Protect the Army Convoy
Perfect Protection
won by 5 (4) of 43 (11.63%)
Do not allow a convoy truck to take damage on Mission 3
won by 13 (8) of 43 (30.23%)
Watch helplessly as the hospital is blown up
A Daring Taunt
won by 6 (3) of 43 (13.95%)
Inflict damage on Driscoll's unit during Mission 4... and survive!
Save Paul
won by 7 (4) of 43 (16.28%)
Prevent Paul's Wanzer from being destroyed during Mission 4
Mercenary Recruitement
won by 10 (6) of 43 (23.26%)
Recruit the Master of the Arena, Alder
First Steps to Freedom
won by 7 (5) of 43 (16.28%)
Clear the way for the aircraft and destroy all enemies in Mission 5
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Recent comment(s):
19 Aug 21:11
Rom used : Front Mission JP sfc Trad EN
25 Aug 01:54
Beautiful game.
02 Jun 16:21
I successfully completed "Protect the reporter" but it didn't trigger. (Retroarch, Ubuntu 15.04)
18 Aug 02:51
NOTE ABOUT PATCH: Apply this patch to a clean version of the (J) (V1.0) ROM
18 Aug 02:53
Per the release notes for the patch it is NOT COMPATIBLE with the (J) (V1.1) ROM!
18 Aug 10:16
As an additional note, I HIGHLY recommend finding and purchasing the Nintendo DS port / enhanced remake of this game, since it's both the only official translation that's ever been released in English as well as a substantially improved game.

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