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Rock n' Roll Racing (SNES)

Developer:Blizzard Entertainment (Silicon & Synapse)
First released:06-04-1993


There are 35 achievements worth 400 (3612) points.
Who is the Rookie now?!
won by 100 (72) of 397 (25.19%)
Complete Game on Rookie or Higher
Ready to Rock Harder
won by 56 (52) of 397 (14.11%)
Complete Game on Veteran or Higher
Hell on Wheels
won by 47 (46) of 397 (11.84%)
Complete Game on Warrior
won by 51 (41) of 397 (12.85%)
Complete Game as Snake Sanders using a Blue Air Blade
won by 44 (40) of 397 (11.08%)
Complete Game as CyberHawk using a Black Battle Trak
won by 39 (38) of 397 (9.82%)
Complete Game as Ivanzypher using a Green Marauder
Panteros V
won by 38 (37) of 397 (9.57%)
Complete Game as Katarina Lyons using a Yellow Air Blade
Xeno Prime
won by 35 (33) of 397 (8.82%)
Complete Game as Jake Badlands using a Blue Battle Trak
won by 37 (36) of 397 (9.32%)
Complete Game as Tarquinn using a Red Havac
won by 42 (41) of 397 (10.58%)
Complete Game as Olaf using Any Green Car
Chem VI - A
won by 256 (164) of 397 (64.48%)
Reach World Chem VI Division A
Drakonis - B
won by 203 (136) of 397 (51.13%)
Reach World Drakonis Division B
Drakonis - A
won by 158 (109) of 397 (39.80%)
Reach World Drakonis Division A
Bogmire - B
won by 143 (103) of 397 (36.02%)
Reach World Bogmire Division B
Bogmire - A
won by 122 (89) of 397 (30.73%)
Reach World Bogmire Division A
New Mojave - B
won by 82 (68) of 397 (20.65%)
Reach World New Mojave Division B
New Mojave - A
won by 70 (60) of 397 (17.63%)
Reach World New Mojave Division A
Nho - B
won by 67 (58) of 397 (16.88%)
Reach World Nho Division B
Nho - A
won by 56 (52) of 397 (14.11%)
Reach World Nho Division A
Inferno - B
won by 48 (47) of 397 (12.09%)
Reach World Inferno Division B
Inferno - A
won by 46 (45) of 397 (11.59%)
Reach World Inferno Division A
Make up your mind!
won by 169 (108) of 397 (42.57%)
Change Car Color 10 Times Straight
Let the carnage begin!
won by 342 (212) of 397 (86.15%)
Witness 1 Death
Wipe Out!
won by 350 (215) of 397 (88.16%)
Witness 3 Deaths in one Gameplay
Who is next?!
won by 319 (200) of 397 (80.35%)
Witness 5 Deaths in one Gameplay
Ten-go down
won by 270 (170) of 397 (68.01%)
Witness 10 Deaths in one Gameplay
Car hunting
won by 210 (146) of 397 (52.90%)
Witness 30 Deaths in one Gameplay
won by 182 (126) of 397 (45.84%)
Witness 50 Deaths in one Gameplay
You are Dominating The Race
won by 173 (109) of 397 (43.58%)
Acquire a Lapping Bonus
Left in the Dust
won by 6 (6) of 397 (1.51%)
Acquire a Lapping Bonus as a Dirt Devil (no 2 Player)
Tightrope Act
won by 11 (9) of 397 (2.77%)
While maintaining 1st Place, survive a full lap on your last half-point of life
I Believe I Can Fly
won by 5 (5) of 397 (1.26%)
As Cyberhawk, win a Warrior race after using all 28 Jump Jet charges
Nho Nitros
won by 5 (5) of 397 (1.26%)
As Snake in Battle Trak, win a non-VS race on Nho, always keeping 7 Nitro
The Sunderdog
won by 5 (5) of 397 (1.26%)
As Jake, win a main-game race in Inferno Division A with a Marauder
Let Ivanzypher Win
won by 6 (6) of 397 (1.51%)
As Ivan, win a Warrior race after making 'Attack Bonus' appear 6 times
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Recent comment(s):
11 Apr 23:59
ROM: "Rock N' Roll Racing (U) [!].smc"; CRC32: 7D06F473
01 Aug 02:37
How do i unlock Olaf
03 Oct 21:43
Hold L+R+Select and scroll to the right.
16 Feb 03:06
Those VS achievements recently added are kind of... not fun. I like a challenge as much as the next guy and I like that you've tried to incorporate the VS mode but the achievement set you had was already more than enough to fully experience the game
17 Feb 06:30
Yes, those VS ones are lengthy. There are only a few variations per track as well. The real challenge is to stave off boredom in trying to finish it. You also have to win 1st in a majority of the races.
17 Feb 06:32
I'd like to see fun ones like Kill X amount of drivers, deploy x amount of mines, jump off the track, win a race without crashing into the wall, go 1 lap down and still win.
23 Feb 21:44
(As creator of those VS ones) Hmm, I was afraid of that reaction... However, the password system of the single-player makes the current set of achievements one of the easiest games on the site to master on Hardcore otherwise.
23 Feb 21:45
I think the game needs to have some kind of hard-to-get achievement(s) to give it what a lot of other games have that make them not cakewalks, and you should also have some kind of reason to see a lot of tracks on many planets.
25 Feb 03:28
Anyway, I made and uploaded a few others that are more creative and can be gotten quicker, hope you enjoy. :)
25 Feb 05:52
I agree with JackSamEss, the set without this new chievs is more than enough to experience the game and have fun with it, they don't add nothing significant to the game experience itself.
25 Feb 16:15
The new non-VS achievements added are good examples of creative, yet slightly challenging things to do that also seem fun enough for me and possibly other Rock n' Roll racers to come back for.
25 Feb 17:06
I see now that almost zero players would appreciate putting up with the six VS marathons; however, I can't demote those back to Unofficial User-submitted Achievements on my own. Someone else with the dev rights do that please?
28 Feb 21:06
I demoted the VS achievements to unofficial, i think you (appretaur) could use some of the variables (like the score) that you used on them to make a leaderboard, it would be interesting.

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