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Baseball (NES)

Developer:Nintendo R&D1
Genre:Sports (Baseball)
First released:Dec 1983 (JP), Oct 1985 (NA), Sep 1986 (EU)


There are 5 achievements worth 46 (51) points.
Authors: StingX2

Give Me A K
won by 250 (175) of 284 (88.03%)
Throw A Strikeout
Opting Out
won by 146 (114) of 284 (51.41%)
Walk A Batter
Retire The Side
won by 238 (171) of 284 (83.80%)
Get Three Outs Any Way You Can
Three And Out
won by 281 (195) of 284 (98.94%)
Pitch An Inning Without Giving Up A Run
Complete A Game
won by 140 (117) of 284 (49.30%)
Win Or Lose, You Made It
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Recent comment(s):
17 May 16:06 2014
Teams are now U but havent had time to do new pictures
13 May 18:25 2015
I hit a grand slam, and it gave me the 1 point achievement for giving one up, instead of the 100 point achievement for hitting one. Also, the 7th inning stretch achievement just doesnt work.
13 May 18:32 2015
also got 4 runs without recording an out and still didnt get the "Slamma Lamma Ding Dong" achievement
3 May 4:20 2016
We Dont get a medal award by finish all the achievements?
10 Oct 21:25 2016
Yep, i wanted a medal too
11 Feb 21:53 2017
How many achievements is everyone seeing for this game? I only see 5, but some are mentioned in other comments here about ones I do not see. Did something change or am I only seeing some of them?
19 May 17:57 2017
Some were bugged and since been removed since fixing them was probably a bit complicated.
21 Aug 9:26 2017
i 100%-ed the game and there is no site award
28 Oct 16:18 2017
Only games that have 6 or more achievements give site awards.
30 Apr 23:07 2018
100% complete in hardcore and no site award? :(

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