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Halo 2600 (Atari 2600)

Developer:Ed Fries
First released:July 2010


There are 10 achievements worth 100 (256) points.
Gear up
won by 12 (11) of 12 (100.00%)
Pick up the standard gun
Gun Upgrade
won by 8 (8) of 12 (66.67%)
Find the upgraded gun
Running Boots
won by 5 (5) of 12 (41.67%)
Find the boots to move faster
Gate 1 Unlocked
won by 12 (11) of 12 (100.00%)
Pick up the 1st key and pass the gate
Gate 2 Unlocked
won by 7 (7) of 12 (58.33%)
Pick up the 2nd key and go outside
Gate 3 Unlocked
won by 4 (4) of 12 (33.33%)
Pick up the 3rd key and enter the final area
Covenant Defeated
won by 3 (3) of 12 (25.00%)
Defeat the final boss and win the game
Covenant Defeated (Hard)
won by 1 (1) of 12 (8.33%)
Defeat the final boss and win the game in hard mode
Covenant Defeated (Damageless)
won by 1 (1) of 12 (8.33%)
Beat the game without losing a life or picking up a shield
won by 0 of 12 (0.00%)
Get as far as possible without picking up a gun
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Recent comment(s):
12 Mar 13:09 2018
Didnt no this existed, cant wait to play this when achievements have been added
12 Mar 18:26 2018
Set is up. Official download link is in the forum topic.
12 Mar 22:14 2018
"Gate 3 Unlocked" doesn`t work; i picked up the 3rd key, enter the final area and the final boss killed me (those triple lasers are too much for me...).
12 Mar 22:42 2018
Fixed "Gate 3 Unlocked". It was just a typo in one of the achievement conditions.
13 Mar 23:07 2018
Nice work.Tks!
18 Mar 12:59 2018
Thanks for your work, you made me know a really good game. I think the achievement Covenant Defeated (Damageless) doesn`t work
18 Mar 17:42 2018
Glad you're enjoying it. Also, I fixed "Covenant Defeated (Damageless)"
19 Mar 20:48 2018
It works, thanks again.

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