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Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubo (SNES)

See achievement page for details.
Farewell Margence (20) (92)
See achievement page for details.

Created by Alena on: 16 Dec, 2017 14:19
Last modified: 07 Jan, 2018 08:21

Won by 1 of 10 possible players (10%)

Recent comment(s):
16 Dec 14:39 2017
To get this achievement you need to finish the game and face the powerred versions of: Dondera Tank - Gilligiza Valley, Dondera Fox - Fox Tower...
16 Dec 14:41 2017
Dondera Kong - Thurgical Castle 1, Donderassaurus - Thurgical castle 2,Dondera Maid - Pickle Express, Dondera Maid - Control Tower ...
16 Dec 14:45 2017
Donderassaurus - Inside Dondera Castle 2, Dondera Medusa - Huge Falls, Dondera Medusa - Mt. Apex!, Dondera Phinx - Royal Tomb and...
16 Dec 14:48 2017
Dondera Empress & Dondera Curse at Vulcano...The achievement will trigger after you defeat dondera Curse if you defeated all before ...Keep in mind that every time you finish the game all the bosses are reborn and you will have to face them again .
16 Dec 14:49 2017
Be sure to defeat all before fight Dondera Curse.
7 Jan 7:50 2018
A little correction: Do not have a donderassaurus in thurgical castle 2, only in dondera castle 2. I'm sorry.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!07 Jan, 2018 08:46


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