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Legend of Zelda: Majora''s Mask, The (Nintendo 64)

Reach the End Having only Played the Song of Time Once. (Must Redo Prologue)
3-Day (6-Day) Challenge (30) (374)
Reach the End Having only Played the Song of Time Once. (Must Redo Prologue)

Created by MoonLegend on: 05 Dec, 2017 01:54
Last modified: 10 Dec, 2017 21:43

Won by 3 of 89 possible players (3%)

Recent comment(s):
6 Dec 1:29 2017
I'm guessing this one has to be done in 1 playthrough no saving and if we fail we start from scratch with a new file.
15 Dec 7:11 2017
Nah, you can start from the save after first cycle if you mess up.
22 Jan 16:34 2018
I'd have to look up a guide to see how to do this challenge (even then I'm not confident) best guess is grab bow then go straight for goron as you need epona without glitches
22 Jan 21:21 2018
Yup. Bow -> Fire Arrows -> Powder Keg -> Epona before first night. It's pretty tight. After that it's basically free.
23 Jan 0:41 2018
so basically ignore everything unless it's progress.... correct me if I'm wrong in thinking this. also can I save then copy a file so I don't have to actually redo the prologue or is there actual reason to redo it?
25 Jan 13:43 2018
Looking at the win conditions gives me the impression you can do it without actually having to redo the prologue, so that should save you a lot of time if you mess up.Good luck.
3 Mar 15:53 2018
I really wish this was in a bonus set. I just can't get to Epona on time and I am unable to do the glitches.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!02 Jan, 2018 18:54
Hardcore!15 Dec, 2017 12:25
Hardcore!14 Dec, 2017 07:51


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