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The Goonies II (NES)

Recieve Transciever messages from Goonies, Simon Belmont and Stinger
Goonies Radio (15) (120)
Recieve Transciever messages from Goonies, Simon Belmont and Stinger

Created by Salsa on: 02 Dec, 2015 13:17
Last modified: 03 Dec, 2015 09:01

Won by 5 of 118 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
03 Dec 08:42
I made this achievement to be possible to unlocked when each of the messages will be unlocked once. Yet, I've found them to be possibly unstable. I guess we are probably done for.
03 Dec 09:01
Let's don't lose our hope yet. I've found a critical issue which certainly made the achievement impossible to unlock. Please try it again.
03 Dec 16:40
OK I tried twice and the first time I didn't get it & the 2nd time I did. When I got it, I only used the transceiver in 8 rooms where the 6 Gooonie messages & the Simon message & Stinger message appear in.
03 Dec 16:45
My advice to those doing this is to make a note of rooms where messages from Andy, Mouth, Chunk, Brand, Stef, Data, Stinger & Simon Belmont appear & revisit them in an additional playthrough & use the transceiver only once in each of those 8 rooms.
03 Dec 16:48
And only in those rooms. Use it in no other room. All those messages can be found relatively early in the game if you revisit those 3d rooms you passed through before you got the transceiver.
04 Dec 21:59
You just tried to earn the badge before I fixed this achievement. There is no base here requiring you to show demanded messages. I didn't put there any resetting reqs except for returning to the title, and this one shouldn't break it.
04 Dec 22:02
Yet there is still a possability that the 16-bit address I used is unstable.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!07 Mar, 2017 02:24
Hardcore!20 Sep, 2016 04:58
Hardcore!29 Apr, 2016 23:49
Hardcore!03 Dec, 2015 16:33
02 Dec, 2015 13:19


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