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Duke Nukem Advance (Game Boy Advance)

Get 100% kills and secrets in level 2-3 (Lets Rock difficult)
Perfect 2-3 (10) (34)
Get 100% kills and secrets in level 2-3 (Lets Rock difficult)

Created by FernandoFFS on: 29 Mar, 2015 18:47
Last modified: 31 Mar, 2015 14:09

Won by 7 of 50 possible players (14%)

Recent comment(s):
10 Feb 10:12 2017
Am I missing something? I found a total of seven secret areas in 2c, however it only gives me six, after several attempts. Even followed a guide.
21 Apr 19:54 2017
Same here. I think that's a game glitch. You also get the "you found a secret" message but you don't get the usual duke's voice. All playthroughs I've seen on YT get 6/7 secrets as well.
18 May 6:06 2017
hold L and press Left, Up, A, Up, Left, A, Start, Select for no clipping. I literally tried like 50 times on this level. It will work, just really buggy.
30 Jul 21:42 2017
Thanks for the tip, guess the grind continues!
26 Oct 1:07 2017
Most consistent way I know of getting 7/7 secrets is activate no clipping from the get go. You want to avoid any triggers, you should only disable no clipping in the room with 2 secrets (to hopefully register both) and when fighting the boss. GL!
30 May 2:31 2018
After No Clipping around the level, I found where 7th secret is triggered. It's in the same secret room as the atomic health, in the back corner of the room past where it warps you. The only way to reach it is with no clip. I quadruple checked.
30 May 2:31 2018
While there are 2 "You have discovered a secret!" messages in the room with the 5 armor shards and the (50) armor, the second message doesn't actually trigger anything. You can tell since Duke doesn't talk.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!30 May, 2018 02:00
Hardcore!13 Mar, 2018 03:54
Hardcore!26 Oct, 2017 00:47
Hardcore!25 Sep, 2017 00:01
Hardcore!25 Aug, 2017 07:00
Hardcore!18 May, 2017 06:05
Hardcore!23 Jan, 2016 02:14


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